Select Committee on Treasury Seventh Report


Extract from the Votes and Proceedings: 14th May 2002

Resolved, That this House approves the First Report of the Select Committee on Modernisation of the House of Commons relating to Select Committees, House of Commons Paper No. 224-I, and in particular welcomes its commitment to more specialist and support staff for select committees; is of the view that the package as a whole will strengthen the scrutiny role of the House; and invites the Liaison Committee to establish common objectives for select committees, taking into account the illustrative model set out in paragraph 34 of that report, namely:

-   to consider major policy initiatives

-   to consider the Government's response to major emerging issues

-   to propose changes where evidence persuades the Committee that present policy requires amendment

-   to conduct pre-legislative scrutiny of draft bills

-   to examine and report on main Estimates, annual expenditure plans and annual resource accounts

-   to monitor performance against targets in the public service agreements

-   to take evidence from each Minister at least annually

-   to take evidence from independent regulators and inspectorates

-   to consider the reports of Executive Agencies

-   to consider, and if appropriate report on, major appointments by a Secretary of State or other senior ministers

-   to examine treaties within their subject areas.

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© Parliamentary copyright 2002
Prepared 2 August 2002