Select Committee on Treasury Minutes of Evidence


Lessons Learned

  The key lessons learned that are currently identified on the Capital Evaluation Section of the NHS Estates website are

    —  Effective Change management is required as is flexibility in design to ensure changes in clinical practice do not cause significant design changes;

    —  Risk assessment must be undertaken and accompanied by an effective risk management process throughout the life cycle of a project;

    —  Effective financial monitoring of the outturn cost of projects is essential.

    —  Sufficient management resources must be made available to enable effective implementation of a scheme;

    —  Project objectives and milestones must be clearly defined from the outset of any scheme.

Recommendations ("lessons learned") from the NAO report on Guys Hospital Phase III Development:

    —  There must be a single point of responsibility for projects in client organizations;

    —  All scheme costings must be realistic and supported by a comprehensive risk assessment and risk management strategy;

    —  All sources of funding should be confirmed prior to progressing any projects;

    —  Project managers should be appointed at the earliest possible stage of any scheme and the individuals should be involved throughout the scheme;

    —  Design briefs should be frozen at the earliest possible stages of a scheme;

    —  Timescales must be realistic;

    —  Project Directors must have the skills and experience necessary to successfully implement projects.

11 April 2002


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Prepared 7 May 2002