Select Committee on Treasury Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witness (Questions 380 - 383)



  380. It does seem a little extraordinary, if we are not to betray our earlier political lives completely, at this stage in the evolution of world capitalism that a limited number of people can pay tax by direct debit in Newcastle and by direct debit in St Austell. Great for St Austell, which is a fine place.
  (Dawn Primarolo) It is a fine place. Those are the receiving offices, it is not that you have to live in St Austell to do it. I am dreadfully sorry if I implied that.


  381. Can anybody pay in St Austell?
  (Dawn Primarolo) Yes; that is my understanding. Would you like me to get you a note on St Austell?

Mr Cousins

  382. It is a little inconsistent with Mr Banyard's note to the Committee.
  (Dawn Primarolo) Yes. I shall ensure that you have a note on that[9]. The problem is having pilots running, investigating different methods, then having to develop those out into the system as a whole and that takes longer.

develop those out into the system as a whole and that takes longer.


  383. Thank you very much. We are going to leave it there. We are hoping to make our report quite soon next month, so if there is any supplementary information and if we are to take up your kind invitation to visit the Revenue we would probably have to do that quite quickly. In the meantime, may I thank you and your officials very much for appearing today.
  (Dawn Primarolo) Thank you very much. I very much welcome the dialogue we have been having this afternoon with the Committee. I am very relaxed. Whilst welcoming the participation of the external bodies in discussing this with the Revenue, I am more than happy that this Committee also take an interest in this. Where I possibly can be of assistance in facilitating that dialogue directly with the Revenue, I am more than happy to do that. It is for the benefit of the system as a whole and would be of great assistance. Thank you very much for the time you have spent this afternoon. I shall make sure we get this information to you and provide for the visit as well on the different aspects of our development work. Thank you.

  Chairman: Much appreciated. Thank you.

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