Select Committee on Treasury Minutes of Evidence

List of RBSG's advisory roles in respect of Community development and regeneration

    —  Chair, Community Development Finance Association (launched by the Financial Secretary at HM Treasury, May 2002)

    —  Chair, Finance and Funding Working Group, Social Enterprise Unit, Department of Trade and Industry

    —  Advisor, New Deal for Communities/Neighbourhood Renewal Unit, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister

    —  Advisor, Phoenix Fund, Small Business Service

    —  Advisor, National Employment Panel, Department of Work and Pensions

    —  Advisor, New Deal Innovation Fund, Jobcentre Plus, Department of Work and Pensions

    —  Advisor, Communities & Regeneration, South East England Development Agency

    —  Advisor, Economic Inclusion, East Midlands Development Agency

    —  Advisor, Social Investment Taskforce, HM Treasury

    —  Steering Group, Microfinance & Job Creation for the Unemployed, Social Finance Unit, International Labour Organisation

    —  Advisor, Policy Action Team 3 (Business), Social Exclusion Unit, Cabinet Office

    —  Trustee, Personal Finance Education Group

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Prepared 4 September 2002