Select Committee on Treasury Fifth Report




Ms Michelle Childs, Head of Policy, Consumers' Association, Ms Louise Hanson, Senior Public Affairs Officer, Consumers' Association, and Mr Mike Naylor, Senior Researcher, Which? Magazine  6

Mr John Walker, Policy Chairman, and Mr Stephen Alabritis, Head of Parliamentary

Affairs, The Federation of Small Businesses  16

Mr Rory Murphy, Joint General Secretary, and Mr John Earls, Joint Head of Research, UNIFI  26


  TUESDAY 14 MAY 2002

Mr Matthew Barrett, Chief Executive, Barclays Bank, Mr Bill Dalton, Chief Executive, HSBC plc, Mr Peter Ellwood, Chief Executive, Lloyds TSB plc and Mr Fred Goodwin, Chief Executive, Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc  62



  TUESDAY 18 JUNE 2002

Mr James Crosby, Chief Executive, HBOS plc, Mr Ian Harley, Chief Executive, Abbey

National plc and Mr Steve Targett, Chief Executive, National Australia Bank plc  108


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Prepared 30 July 2002