Select Committee on Treasury Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Letter to the Clerk of the Sub-committee from Mr Graham Wallace, Chief Executive, Cable and Wireless plc

  Thank you for your letter of 25 October inviting Cable & Wireless to contribute to the Treasury Sub-committee OGC Review. Although I make some general observations below, Cable & Wireless are not in any position to provide evidence on OGC's role in PFI projects since we have no direct experience of them, nor its progress on delivering value for money improvements.

  Peter Gershon initiated regular meetings with the senior management of Government's main supplies. Thus he and I meet on a regular basis to discuss both OGC's and Cable & Wireless strategy and general features of the climate in the industry. I find these meetings valuable in aiding our understanding of OGC's role and direction and how industry can play its part in the value for money objectives.

  OGC is undoubtedly tackling some of the bigger issues in Public Sector purchasing. The initiative to increase the successful management and implementation of major IS projects is of great importance and one in which Cable & Wireless is participating. Nevertheless, these will take time to implement and the Gateway Review process, for example, is an essential first step.

  At an organisational level we find examples where the relationship between some of the OGC functions is unclear, especially where functions have been separated and moved across organisation boundaries. This is particularly noticeable between what was (part of) CCTA and the e-Envoy's Office. This will undoubtedly bed down.

  OGC has set itself ambitious but realistic objectives. We see progress in the early phases and await to see how the change process is embedded in the wider Government community.

12 November 2001

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Prepared 23 May 2002