Select Committee on Welsh Affairs Minutes of Evidence

Note from the Department of Transport Local Government Regions

  The correct answers to the two questions at 15(a) and (b) are:


  15.  Investment funds for moving assets

    (a)  What is the Government's view on the use of Objective 1 funding for moving assets such as buses, trams or trains given the successful use of such funds in this type of investment in the Republic of Ireland?

  The Government's view is that provided a project meets some of the aims, objectives and needs identified in the programme agreed by the EC, it may be supported. Objective 1 funding is being sought for a tram scheme in Merseyside and in South Yorkshire under the current Objective 1 programmes. However, these are likely to support the provision of infrastructure, rather than mobile assets.

    (b)  Have Objective 1 funds been used previously in this way in the UK?

  The Merseyside Objective 1 programme during 1994-99 used Structural Funds towards the costs of infrastructure projects related to the improvement of transport communications. These have involved the provision of bus and rail station facilities, bus lanes and infrastructure at the airport and docks. They have not involved the provision of large mobile assets.

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Prepared 14 February 2002