Select Committee on Welsh Affairs Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence



Memorandum submitted by the Welsh Local Government Association

  On behalf of the Association, I would like to thank you and your colleagues on the Welsh Affairs Committee for holding the briefing meeting on the Objective One programme in Wales on 30 October. I am sure that the officers who participated found the meeting useful.

  In response to your request during the meeting for a list of the top five issues of concern to local authorities in elation to the Objective One programme, we have put together the following points, which are in no particular order:

    1.  The Single Programming Document and the Programme Compliment need to be geared to delivering outcomes to a greater extent.

    2.  There should be a stronger emphasis on the quality of partnership members, with a less rigid application of the thirds principle when setting up partnerships.

    3.  There needs to be a greater recognition that the delivery of priorities and measures may vary within the programme area, with greater collaboration between local partnerships needed where appropriate.

    4.  There is a need for more capital funds within the programme.

    5.  There needs to be a reduction of delays in processing applications and releasing funds.

Victoria Winckler

Head of Economic and Environmental Affairs

26 November 2001


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