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Memorandum from The Church in Wales

Response of the Church in Wales to the Withdrawal of the Children's Society from its Work in Wales

  The Most Reverend Dr Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Wales, was a President of "The Children's Society of the Church of England and the Church in Wales" and, as such should have been consulted in some way prior to the decision of the Trustees of the Society to withdraw from work in Wales.

  A number of the issues facing the Children's Society in Wales are directly related to the remit of the National Assembly for Wales, which ought to have been consulted in some way, probably through the Minister with responsibility for Children. It needs to be recognised that Wales is not simply a region.

  The Church in Wales has been substantially involved in working alongside the Children's Society, both in its work in the community and particularly in children's advocacy. The Church in Wales has also been involved in lobbying in respect of the job description of the Children's Commissioner.

  The Church in Wales wishes the good work of the Children's Society in Wales to continue after the Society ceases to work in the Principality. The Church wishes to support anything in the interim which is designed to make it possible for that work to continue.

  A holding fund, "The Archbishop of Wales' Fund for Children", has been set up under the trusteeship of the Representative Body of the Church in Wales in order to receive funds which otherwise would have been donated to the Children's Society. This is not a replacement charity and it is anticipated that the fund will be wound-up during 2002 and the proceeds allocated to whatever replaces the Children's Society in Wales.

Robert ME Paterson, Revd

on, behalf of the Archbishop of Wales

Principal Officer,

Council for the Mission & Ministry

14 December 2001

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Prepared 15 February 2002