Select Committee on Welsh Affairs Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Supplementary memorandum submitted by Postwatch Wales

  Further to the meeting of the Welsh Affairs Committee at the House of Commons on 1 May, and our conversation thereafter, perhaps the following additional information will be of value to you.

  The following examples are where the required notification period for post office closures, in accordance with Code of Practice—Post Office branch relocation, closure and conversation agreed between Consignia plc and Postwatch (the consumer council for postal services) was not observed:

    1.  Liverpool Road Post Office, Buckley CH7 2NT—Date of notification letter—27 February; Date of closure—6 March;

    2.  Crymlyn Burrows Post Office, Swansea SA7 8QQ—Date of notification letter—29 January; Date of closure—11 February;

    3.  Clayton Road Post Office, Wrexham LL11 6BG—Date of notification letter—31 January; Date of closure—20 February;

    4.  Llanmadoc Post Office, Swansea SA3 1DE—Date of notification letter—31 May; Date of closure—4 June;

    5.  Scurlage Post Office, Gower SA3 1AY—Date of notification letter—29 May; Date of closure—29 May;

    6.  Bryn Sadler Post Office, Pontyclun CF72 9BS—Date of notification letter—23 November; Date of closure—5 December;

    7.  Abergwesyn, Llanwrtyd Wells LD5 4TP—Date of notification letter—18 September; Date of closure—18 September;

    8.  Cwmfelin Mynach Post Office, Whitland SA34 0DH—Date of notification letter—28 January; Date of closure—28 January (immediate);

    9.  Swyddffynnon Post Office, Ceredigion SY25 6AL—Date of notification letter—11 May; Date of closure—11 May (immediate);

    10.  Mochdre Post Office, Newton SY16 4JN—Date of notification letter—11 September; Date of closure—8 October;

    11.  Bwlch Post Office, Brecon LD3 7HX—Date of notification letter—14 February; Date of closure—14 February (immediate);

    12.  Gladestry Post Office, Kington, Herefordshire HR5 3NR—Date of notification letter—23 October; Date of closure—31 October;

    13.  Penybryn Post Office, Hengoed CF82 7GG—Date of notification letter—28 March; Date of closure 24 April.

  We realise that in some of these cases, the circumstances were beyond your control due to Post Office Ltd receiving last minute notification by the sub-postmaster/postmistress. Our response was not therefore a criticism, but a general comment on the state of play.

  With regard to our comments in respect of the information provided to us by Post Office Ltd, again these are not criticisms, but an indication to the Committee about the way the whole process could be improved. We are not alleging that the Code of Practice was being breached.

  Lastly, in respect of the quality of the feedback that we get, we again recognise that the Code of Practice does not require this to be done, but we are of the view that this information would be very useful to us as a consumer organisation.

Eifian Pritchard


8 May 2002


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Prepared 5 August 2002