Select Committee on Work and Pensions First Report


1.Memorandum submitted by Northern Pinetree Trust
Ev 161
2.Memorandum submitted by Torfaen Citizens Advice Bureau
Ev 163
3.Memorandum submitted by Disability Benefits Consortium
Ev 165
4.Memorandum submitted by the Disability Rights Commission
Ev 167
5.Memorandum submitted by the National Housing Federation
Ev 169
6.Memorandum submitted by the Parkinson's Disease Society
Ev 169
7.Memorandum submitted by the National Council for One Parent Families
Ev 171
8.Memorandum submitted by AdviceRights
Ev 177
9.Supplementary memorandum submitted by Action for Employment (A4E)
Ev 181
10.Supplementary memorandum submitted by the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS)
Ev 181
11.Memorandum submitted by Julie Kerksick
Ev 183
12.Supplementary memorandum submitted by Reed in Partnership
Ev 186
13.Jobcentre Plus Districts and Related Local Authority Areas
Ev 188
14.Committee Visit to Yorkshire
Ev 191
15.Committee Visit to Buckinghamshire
Ev 194
16.Committee Visit to the Netherlands
Ev 198
17.Supplementary information from the Department for Work and Pensions
Ev 203

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© Parliamentary copyright 2002
Prepared 20 March 2002