Select Committee on Work and Pensions Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Letter to Department for Work and Pensions from the Committee Specialist

  My questions mainly concern the performance of the various ONE pilots against the minimum performance standards set.

Minimum standards for job entries

  Page 4 of the supplementary information sent to the Committee on 21 January gives the minimum standards for JSA and non-JSA job entries. Is this per pilot office? per pilot model? or altogether across both Basic Model and Call Centre models, ie eight pilots altogether? If the latter, is it correct that the minimum standards set per pilot are 456.3 JSA job placements and 49.6 non-JSA job placements? Can you confirm that these are the targets set for the six month period April to September?

  ORIF measures:

  Again, are the measures for each pilot, or for the pilot models as a whole. Do we divide by four to get the separate targets for Leeds, Suffolk, North Nottinghamshire and North Cheshire over the six-month period?

What is the reason why the PVS job entry targets are lower than the targets for other models?

Job sustainability

  All the performance figures given in the memorandum of 21 January seem to refer to the period April 2001 to September 2001. Can we have the actual performance of the ONE pilots against the target for the April to September period broken down by model. Your latest e-mail says that "the latest figures" show that the target is now being met. Can you be more precise about what period these later figures refer to?

  [If, in fact, you do have later performance figures than the April 2001—September 2001 figures given to the Committee in the January memorandum, can you provide us with them across the range of performance minimum standards?]

Evidence gathering

  In examining performance against targets, I realise the January memorandum did not give the figures for the actual performance of the ONE pilots against the 90% minimum standard. Can we have the figures please, preferably by reference to each of the 12 pilots, with if possible figures for the control areas

  Finally, as already discussed with you on the telephone (you may already be dealing with this) :

Time allocations for contacts with clients

  With reference to the 21 January Memorandum, Annex A (Box 1, third column): the alloted times within Jobcentre Plus for client contact are given as: "Initial Contact—15 minutes; Financial Assessor—20 minutes; Personal Adviser—45 or 60 minutes."

  Please can you explain what "Initial Contact" refers to. Is this the information gathering stage which will done via a call-centre? (Are we correct in assuming that the information gathering stage is being done via a call centre?)

  If this is not what `Initial contact' refers to, what is it and what is the time allocation for the information gathering stage?

  If this is indeed the time allocated for information gathering, why is it so much shorter than the time currently allocated to the start-up process within the call centre model of ONE? What are the ONE call centres doing which the information gathering people will not be doing?

  I hope these queries are clear. Please contact me if you require clarification.

  Thanks for your offer to do the utmost to get the answers we need quickly. I would be grateful for the information by Monday 11 March at the very latest.

  Thanks again,

Janet Allbeson

Committee Specialist

Work and Pensions Committee

6 March 2002

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Prepared 20 March 2002