Select Committee on Work and Pensions Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 300 - 303)




  300. It seems to be getting worse, maybe that is just a sign of success because the Government is spendingmore money but the complexity seems to be getting worse. Over your professional careers is it getting better or is it getting worse? All of your management time, your key active time in your professional lives being spent on co-ordination must now be bigger by a factor than at any time before.
  (Mr Riddell) Everyone is spending more time because there is much more partnership working everywhere. I suppose as you get away from silos you spend a lot more time at local and national level in partnership working. The seminar I attended on Friday with David Webster was jointly sponsored by DTLR, the DWP and the Treasury to look at regeneration and employment policy.

  301. You are all optimistic about this? You are all enthusiastic about the future? The system is not grinding you all down?
  (Mr Riddell) Yes. I think we would all agree we all work much more closely together. Whether that means we have better outcomes, I do not know. We do work closely together.

Rob Marris

  302. When will you know whether you have got better outcomes? When will we know?
  (Mr Riddell) You will know.

  Rob Marris: What is the time frame?

  Chairman: Can I ask is it possible—we are hopefully producing our report which will be as informative and constructive as possible—to get an appendix at the back of that which seeks to identify all of these schemes in the workplace with who is in charge of them, where the funding streams comes from?

  Mr Dismore: What you propose to do and what the targets are?


  303. That might seem like an obvious thing but for people to make the best use of our report, and again this is not trying to be clever or trying to trick you in any way, if it would be possible to get a consolidated glossary with a list of all these important schemes we have been talking about as an appendix to the report, that would be valuable for us[19]. If I might just add, I know we have loaded work on you this morning at a high rate, and I apologise for that, we are doing it for a purpose and it is an important report and if you can help us with that as you have helped us this morning that would be very much appreciated.
  (Mr Lauener) Yes.

  Chairman: Gentlemen, thank you very much indeed. That has been very informative. It has been a long, hard session for you all but it has been very helpful to the Committee. Thank you for appearing this morning.

19   Please refer to the supplementary memoranda submitted by the Department for Transport (ES 12A) Ev 127, the Department for Education and Skills (ES 13B) Ev 136, and the Department of Trade and
Industry (ES 16A) Ev 145. 

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