Select Committee on Work and Pensions Minutes of Evidence

Annex A

AgencyTarget Value Performance to
March 2002
Target Area
Case Compliance: To collect child maintenance and arrears from 71 per cent of Non Resident Parents with maintenance liability due to be paid through the Agency's collection service. 71%72.9%
Cash Compliance: To collect 68 per cent of child maintenance and arrears due for payment through the Agency's collection service. 68%71.2%
Accuracy: Accuracy on the last decision for all assessments checked in the year to be correct to the nearest penny in at least 78 per cent of cases. 78%82.5%
Payments: 98 per cent of payments made to the Parent with care (or their bank or building society) to be made within 10 working days of receipt from the Non Resident Parent. 98%99.2%
Office Interviews: 98 per cent of clients to be seen within 10 minutes of the time of a pre-booked appointment 98%99.7%
Calls to be answered first time: 85 per cent of telephone calls to Client Helpline/National Enquiry Line to be answered first time. 85%92.4%
Calls abandoned: No more than 20 per cent of calls to Client Helpline/National Enquiry Line to be abandoned by the caller. 20%10%
Correspondence: 70per cent of letters to be answered within 10 working days of receipt. 70%82.1%
Customer Satisfaction: 98per cent of customers surveyed on quality call backs (following contact with NEL/CHL and Face to Face) to be at least satisfied with the service received. 98%98.7%
Complaints Resolution: To resolve 68 per cent of Customer complaints within 20 working days of receipt. 68%74.4%

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Prepared 1 July 2002