Select Committee on Work and Pensions Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 140-143)



  140. If I insist, in spite of the exhortation or coercion that I want payment made by Giro book, if I insist and persist in that insistence, I get the Giro book.
  (Ms Cleveland) Yes.

  141. Presumably the ACT provision does not involve any additional difficulties for Mr McCorkell. The agenda Rob Marris took him through is a full enough one without overlaying that with migrating all of these people across in a lump come April 2003.
  (Mr McCorkell) It is an additional task, but in terms of IT development and systems development it is not an additional problem.

  142. It is not an additional problem.
  (Ms Cleveland) It is a business problem because we shall have to collect bank details. If we have five million pensioners to transfer onto ACT we need to collect the information about their bank details to be able to do that. There is a business problem there.

  143. May I thank you greatly for your appearance this morning? It has been very helpful and we shall be interested in watching the development of the Service and the best of luck.
  (Ms Cleveland) Thank you. Should you wish to do another visit, perhaps to one of the other centres which does not have the full Empower model, you would be very welcome.

  Chairman: That is a very positive suggestion. Thank you very much. We shall think about that. The Committee session is adjourned.


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Prepared 30 July 2002