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Sessional Information Digest: 2000-2001


The Sessional Information Digest has been published for each parliamentary session since 1983-84, and from 1985-86 published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, now The Stationery Office. Subscribers to the Weekly Information Bulletin automatically receive copies, the price being covered by the annual subscription.

Although the Sessional Information Digest is in some ways a cumulation of material from the Weekly Information Bulletin, it is recommended that users retain the Bulletin files, as full bibliographical details are not given here, in order to save space. In this respect, the Digest forms an index and companion to the Bulletin, as well as providing information unavailable elsewhere.

Both the Bulletin and Digest can be found on the Internet via links from Parliament's home page at the following address

Standing Order numbers cited in this edition of the Digest are those used during the 2000-2001 Session.

My thanks go to Mary Walsh and Beatrice Woods for typesetting this Digest, to the Journal Office for providing data for Section A, to Sarah Priddy, Emma Sawyer and Gini Griffin who have all helped in the compilation of this Digest.

Amina Gual

July 2001


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