NHS Reform and Health Care Professions Bill

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Mr. Atkinson: I should like to pursue a similar theme with the Minister and to raise the relationship between England and Wales. Whatever happens in that relationship will presumably happen later in the relationship between England and Scotland. That would affect me because my constituency borders Scotland.

New paragraph 6C(3) states that

Column Number: 163

    ''in any financial year any remuneration referable to the cost of drugs for which a Local Health Board is accountable is paid by another Local Health Board, the remuneration is to be treated...as having been paid by the first Board in the performance of its functions.''

I understand how that will work perfectly well within Wales, but what happens if a health authority across the border is involved? Will money be transferred from one country to another to repay an English health board that pays for drugs?

Mr. Hutton: The hon. Gentleman will be aware that arrangements are in place to cover that eventuality, and I shall write to him with the details. However, the Bill does not and cannot change the legislation on the operation of any part of the NHS in Scotland because that is a fully devolved issue. The hon. Gentleman is right to say that part of the clause relates to Wales. It

Column Number: 164

allows Wales to preserve existing health authority arrangements. Those arrangements define part I and part II expenditure for local health boards, which will mirror the definition used by current Welsh health authorities.

Dr. Richard Taylor: Can the Minister allay my concerns? Is there any change in the range of measures that will be subject to cash limits?

Mr. Hutton: No.

Question put and agreed to.

Clause 10 ordered to stand part of the Bill

Further consideration adjourned.—[Mr. Fitzpatrick.]

        Adjourned accordingly at seven minutes to Five o'clock till Tuesday 4 December at half-past Ten o'clock.

Column Number: 165

The following Members attended the Committee:
Hurst, Mr. Alan (Chairman)
Atkinson, Mr. Peter
Baron, Mr.
Burns, Mr.
Challen, Mr.
Fitzpatrick, Jim
Hall, Mr. Mike
Havard, Mr.

Column Number: 166

Heald, Mr.
Hutton, Mr.
Moffatt, Laura
Murrison, Dr.
Taylor, Dr. Richard
Touhig, Mr.
Ward, Ms

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