Tax Credits Bill

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Dawn Primarolo: I understand that, but the main issue is not whether people can draw cash from a post office or a sub-post office because an account is held there or because they need to go to a post office to cash a giro. The wider issue is not about how we choose to pay the tax credits. We must deal with the issues of social exclusion and reduce the chances of fraud, which clearly points towards making sure that bank accounts are available. Alternative payments would have to be made if they were not. People still need to go to the post office to cash a giro or to draw out money that is held in a post office account. The points that the hon. Gentleman makes to get a wider debate on post offices are not relevant. I ask him to withdraw his amendment or I will ask my hon. Friends to vote against it.

Mr. Flight: I am sorry, but the Minister's response is unreasonable. Hon. Members need to know that effective facilities will be in place for people to get their child tax credit money.

Dawn Primarolo: I said that if the accounts were not in place another method would have to be found to ensure that the money got to them. We have that power. Whether people had a giro or a bank account, it would have to be at a post office or a bank.

Mr. Flight: Will the Minister say a little more to clarify what those other methods might be?

The Chairman: Order. I have agreed to convene our Programming Sub-Committee in this Room at 4.15 pm.

It being One o'clock, The Chairman adjourned the Committee without Question put, pursuant to the Standing Order.

        Adjourned till this day at half-past Four o'clock.

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The following Members attended the Committee:
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Buck, Ms
Casale, Roger
Clappison, Mr.
Cruddas, Jon
Flight, Mr.
Hoban, Mr.
Luff, Mr.
Mole, Mr.

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Pond, Mr.
Primarolo, Dawn
Sheridan, Jim
Southworth, Helen
Sutcliffe, Mr.
Swire, Mr.
Webb, Mr.
Wright, Mr. Anthony D.
Younger-Ross, Richard

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