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Membership of Enterprise Bill

Below are the Members of the Enterprise Bill:

Derek Conway
Mr. Nigel Beard

Alexander, Mr. Douglas (Minister for E-Commerce and Competitiveness)
Atkins, Charlotte (Staffordshire, Moorlands)
Barnes, Mr. Harry (North-East Derbyshire)
Borrow, Mr. David (South Ribble)
Brown, Mr. Russell (Dumfries)
Burnham, Andy (Leigh)
Cable, Dr. Vincent (Twickenham)
Campbell, Mrs. Anne (Cambridge)
Carmichael, Mr. Alistair (Orkney and Shetland)
Djanogly, Mr. Jonathan (Huntingdon)
Field, Mr. Mark (Cities of London and Westminster)
Hendry, Mr. Charles (Wealden)

Irranca-Davies, Huw (Ogmore)
Johnson, Miss Melanie (Parliamentary Under- Secretary of State for Trade and Industry)
Lansley, Mr. Andrew (South Cambridgeshire)
McWalter, Mr. Tony (Hemel Hempstead)
Pearson, Mr. Ian (Dudley, South)
Pugh, Dr. John (Southport)
Purchase, Mr. Ken (Wolverhampton, North-East)
Thomas, Mr. Gareth R. (Harrow, West)
Waterson, Mr. Nigel (Eastbourne)

Mr. D. Lloyd, Miss T. Garratty, Committee Clerks

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