Export Control Bill

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Mr. Howarth: The Minister knows perfectly well what his parliamentary colleagues' arrangements are. The House was not sitting. We were, mostly, in our constituencies. The orders arrived on the Friday, so I got them on the Saturday. I did not have the chance, because I had other commitments over the weekend, to examine them, so the first real chance that I had to do so was yesterday. It is disrespectful to Parliament to present this detailed document of 50 or 60 pages a couple of days before the Committee is due to meet. In respect of the Defence Manufacturers Association, I spoke to the director, General Alan Sharman, and he said that the first that he knew of the matter was when he was alerted to it by my hon. Friend the Member for Salisbury. He had to look up the orders on the website. There is clearly a difference of view between the Minister and General Sharman.

Nigel Griffiths: I do not know what the General's internal communication arrangements are, but I can assure the Committee that my information is that the DMA was informed on the day that the orders were published. The hon. Gentleman made a legitimate point about how dense, detailed and complicated the orders are, but that is why we supplied him with advisory notes as well. We hope that they will be helpful in formulating his response and the Opposition response to the orders, as part of the consultation process that I outlined in my initial statement to the Committee.

I know that in spite of some slight differences, the whole Committee recognises the importance of being able to take action on trafficking and brokering, so I urge the Committee to agree that the clause stand part of the Bill.

Question put, That the clause, as amended, stand part of the Bill:—

The Committee divided: Ayes 13, Noes 3.

Division No. 4]

Baird, Vera
Griffiths, Nigel
Hendry, Mr. Charles
Jones, Mr. Kevan
Joyce, Mr. Eric
Key, Mr. Robert
Laxton, Mr. Bob
Liddell-Grainger, Mr. Ian
Marris, Rob
Pearson, Mr. Ian
Savidge, Mr. Malcolm
Starkey, Dr. Phyllis
Tynan, Mr. Bill

Cable, Dr. Vincent
Howarth, Mr. Gerald
Tonge, Dr. Jenny

Question accordingly agreed to.

Clause 5, as amended, ordered to stand part of the Bill.

Further consideration adjourned.—[Mr. Pearson.]

        Adjourned accordingly at twelve minutes to One o'clock till this day at half-past Four o'clock.

The following Members attended the Committee:
Benton, Mr. Joe (Chairman)
Baird, Vera
Cable, Dr.
Griffiths, Nigel
Hendry, Mr.
Howarth, Mr. Gerald
Jones, Mr. Kevan
Joyce, Mr.
Key, Mr.
Laxton, Mr.
Liddell-Grainger, Mr.
Marris, Rob
Pearson, Mr.
Savidge, Mr.
Starkey, Dr.
Tonge, Dr.
Tynan, Mr.

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Prepared 16 October 2001