Draft Air Navigation (Environmental Standards) Order 2002

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Tom Brake: Has any consideration been given to incorporating military aircraft on non-combat, non-training missions within the scope of the order?

Column Number: 15

Mr. Jamieson: No, not within the order. Those are subject to different regulations.

The hon. Member for Tatton, as always, beguiled us with his ingenuity in trying to raise matters that are not part of the order. I appreciate his difficulties with Manchester and the problems of noise and compliance. If I tried to answer in any detail the matters that he raised concerning the World Health Organisation and other agreements that we might enter into, I would be skating on the boundaries of my knowledge and of your patience, Mr. Olner. Those questions go quite a long way beyond the narrow confines of the order. However, I should be pleased to respond to further written questions or correspondence from the hon. Member for Tatton, to which I hope I always give full and comprehensive answers.

Mr. Clifton-Brown: The Minister has clearly and comprehensively answered most of my questions. Paragraph 23 states that the order applies to aircraft operated on behalf of Her Majesty, yet those people do not seem to be subject to its penalties. I should be grateful if the Minister could address that apparent anomaly.

Mr. Jamieson: The order continues the existing situation. There is no change to any regulation. It was probably originally introduced by a Conservative Government. We could dig out that information for the hon. Gentleman, if he wished.

Mr. Osborne roseó

The Chairman: I take it that the hon. Gentleman will not slip through the thin ice on which we are skating.

Mr. Osborne: I hope not to drop into the icy water, Mr. Olner. The Minister said that my point about the

Column Number: 16

WHO charter goes beyond the scope of the order, and offered to write to me on the points that I raised. Could he confirm that he will explain the exact status of the charter with regard to aircraft noise and why it is not included in the various statutory instruments on aircraft noise that are brought before the House?

Mr. Jamieson: I undertake to ensure that the information is provided for the hon. Gentleman.

Tom Brake: There was one other question that the hon. Member for Tatton asked to which the Minister did not reply, unless I blinked and missed it. How could the order be applied to people in the Republic of Ireland?

Mr. Jamieson: I answered that question. I said that each of the countries that belongs to ICAO has similar bodies to the CAA to enforce those measures.

The continuation of the policy will support the work of ICAO in the field of environmental protection. It will assist in keeping the UK abreast of the latest ICAO technical recommendations on aircraft noise and emissions. It will also help UK aircraft and engine manufacturers who need to sell overseas, and owners of UK aircraft who need to travel overseas. It also rationalises our domestic regulations for limiting the environmental impact of aviation, and helps us to respond to the growing and important concern raised in the Committee this morning about noise and emissions from aircraft.

Question put and agreed to.


    That the Committee has considered the draft Air Navigation (Environmental Standards) Order 2002.

Committee rose at eleven minutes to Eleven o'clock.

The following Members attended the Committee:
Olner, Mr. Bill (Chairman)
Barron, Mr.
Brake, Tom
Brazier, Mr.
Clifton-Brown, Mr.
Dobson, Mr.
Donohoe, Mr.
Hamilton, Mr. Fabian
Jamieson, Mr.
Jones, Mr. Jon Owen
Murrison, Dr.
Osborne, Mr. George
Pope, Mr.
Simpson, Mr. Alan
Watts, Mr.
Woolas, Mr.

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