Draft Court of Appeal (Appeals from Proscribed Organisations Appeal Commission) Rules 2002

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Ms Winterton: I emphasise that none of those cases is anywhere near the Court of Appeal—which is why we are discussing the issue today. However, in such circumstances open channels are available to ensure that the rules work to the satisfaction of Parliament and the judiciary.

Mr. Cash: On the Minister's point about England and Wales, I shall not detail the intricate pathway

Column Number: 19

prescribed under the Terrorism Act 2000, but I want to be clear in my mind. I hope that she has followed that prescribed under sections 130 and 59 of that Act and all its associated schedule arrangements to map out the geography of where the criminal act of terrorism applies. As she knows, certain proscribed terrorist acts apply to one part of our jurisdiction, and in other parts different provisions apply. I put that on record because we do not want a slip-up in that case, either.

Ms Winterton: The hon. Gentleman is right. Indeed, I raised similar questions myself. I assure him that there is no problem in that respect. Obviously, issues are raised relating to offences that may be committed, but the rules and legislation make provision to ensure that someone who commits an offence in any of the other jurisdictions would, if the organisation were de-proscribed, be able to appeal to the appropriate court.

I said earlier that the phrase

    ''the international relations of the United Kingdom''

was inserted because, for obvious reasons, as the provision is being extended to include not only

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domestic but international terrorism, there is a need to protect foreign sources providing sensitive information. As hon. Members will be aware, in such circumstances it is necessary to protect the lives of those involved in security matters at national and international levels. With those assurances, I hope that—

Simon Hughes: I was hoping that the Minister could tell me whether there was any precedent prior to the 2000 Act for this set of conditions—or is it a newly-drafted invention of the civil service?

Ms Winterton: I do not know, but I will make inquiries and write to the hon. Gentleman on the matter. I hope that I have covered most of the questions raised, but I will write to hon. Members should they require any further information.

Question put and agreed to.


    That the Committee has considered the draft Court of Appeal (Appeals from Proscribed Organisations Appeal Commission) Rules 2002.

Committee rose at nine minutes to Twelve o'clock.

The following Members attended the Committee:
Amess, Mr. David (Chairman)
Austin, John
Cash, Mr.
Cranston, Ross
Griffiths, Jane
Hughes, Simon
MacDougall, Mr.
Mactaggart, Fiona
Marsden, Mr. Gordon
O'Brien, Mr. Mike
O'Brien, Mr. Stephen
Stringer, Mr.
Winterton, Ms Rosie

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Prepared 23 April 2002