Local Government Finance (England) Special Grant Report (No. 87), on 2001-02 Special Grant for Local Authority E-Government Pathfinders

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Dr. Whitehead: The hon. Gentleman will accept that in the often rather rarefied world of calculating how to advance capital to local authority programmes, funding is based predominantly on permission to borrow from the public works loans fund at often advantageous interest rates. However, as I have said, the specific instance that we are discussing today marks a change from that tradition to specific capital grants—giving local authorities money in £5 notes, in boxes, which can be counted. I hope that that clarifies matters.

The hon. Member for Bath points out that there has been a press release. It is not intended that there will be another, and there is certainly no intention to use a further press release to suggest that the initiative is new. Rather, it is an initiative that will ensure that money allocated to local authorities can be accessed by them all, regardless of their condition, and I hope that the Committee will agree to it. It would be of immense benefit to the four debt-free authorities in the pathfinder project to hear that the Committee has agreed to the special grant report, and I urge it to do so.

Question put and agreed to.


    That the Committee has considered the Local Government Finance (England) Special Grant Report (No.87) (HC 220), on 2001-02 Special Grant for Local Authority E-Government Pathfinders.

Committee rose at twenty-two minutes past Five o'clock.

The following Members attended the Committee:
Griffiths, Mr. Win (Chairman)
Brazier, Mr.
Casale, Roger
Field Mr. Mark
Foster, Mr. Don
Gilroy, Linda
Harris, Mr. Tom
Martlew, Mr.
Moss, Mr.
Palmer, Dr.
Sanders, Mr.
Simon, Mr.
Taylor, David
Whitehead, Dr.
Woolas, Mr.
Wright, Mr. Anthony D.

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Prepared 24 October 2001