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Simon Hughes: The first page of appendix C of the report states:

    ``The matches played outside England and Wales . . . are set out below, along with the number of reporting notices issued by the enforcing authority in respect of each match. The number varies in accordance with the number of supporters . . . who are subject to an extant International Football Banning Order, a Section 14A Order . . . or a Section 14B Order''.

Would not it be more accurate to say that the figures represent not the number of notices issued, but orders issued following one or other of the procedures? In theory, there must be more notices than orders; certainly there cannot be fewer notices than orders. The table may therefore be wrong. I am keen for us to have accurate figures on which to evaluate what has happened and complete the work during the next year.

Mr. Denham: I believe that the hon. Gentleman is right; the figures represent notices issued by the enforcing authority to report to a police station. It would be useful if I might write to him to make crystal clear what is covered. However, they refer not to section 21 orders, but to those that effectively ban people from going to matches under various other legislative provisions.

The only outstanding point relates to the difference in the number of arrests in respect of Euro 2000. I have to tell the hon. Gentleman that I am not able to comment on that this afternoon. However, as I continue to be involved in those matters, I shall take advice on the point.

Question put and agreed to.


    That the Committee has considered the draft Football (Disorder) (Duration of Powers) Order 2001.

        Committee rose at eighteen minutes past Five o'clock.

The following Members attended the Committee:
Sayeed, Mr. Jonathan (Chairman)
Banks, Mr.
Betts, Mr.
Caton, Mr.
Denham, Mr.
Farrelly, Paul
Hawkins, Mr.
Hendry, Mr.
Hoban, Mr.
Hughes, Simon
Keen, Alan
McGuire, Mrs.
Randall, Mr.
Russell, Bob
Stoate, Dr.

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