Pre-Budget Statement (Implications for Wales)

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The Chairman: Order. I have been listening to the hon. Gentleman carefully and I am waiting for the point at which he relates his speech to the pre-Budget statement.

Kevin Brennan: Thank you, Mr. Griffiths. I was getting there and now that you have made that point, I will get there much quicker than I would have done.

The truth is that Plaid Cymru's approach is nonsense. Wales's future and the interests of the Welsh economy lie with Wales as a devolved part of the UK, so that we can properly express our interdependence and interrelationship with the rest of the UK. The pre-Budget statement by the Chancellor showed how important that is. He has bequeathed to the country the strongest economic position that we have had for decades. That is irrefutable.

Petty point making, nit-picking and the use of statistics by the Opposition to undermine that central message are not what the people of Wales believe. They understand that GDP has not been falling in Wales in the past few years; it has been growing. To report relativities as absolutes is a misuse of statistics. Prosperity and the economy in Wales are strong. There are problems, which we need to face seriously and properly together, but I am sure that the Government's approach will serve the interests of the Welsh economy best of all.

The Chairman: In view of the time, it would not be right to call another hon. Member, as they would have less than a minute to speak. I shall exercise a little authority and allow an extra minute or two this afternoon. To help hon. Members, I inform them that I shall call the hon. Member for Preseli Pembrokeshire (Mrs. Lawrence) first this afternoon. Hon. Members should remember to take their papers with them now, because we shall be in Room 10.

It being One o'clock, The Chairman adjourned the Committee without Question put, pursuant to the Standing Order.

Adjourned till this day at Four o'clock.

The following Members attended the Committee:
Griffiths, Mr. Win (Chairman)
Ainger, Mr.
Anderson, Donald
Brennan, Kevin
Bryant, Mr.
David, Mr.
Davies, Mr. Denzil
Edwards, Mr.
Evans, Mr.
Flynn, Paul
Hanson, Mr.
Havard, Mr.
Jones, Mr. Jon Owen
Lawrence, Mrs. Jackie
Llwyd, Mr.
Murphy, Mr. Paul
Ípik, Lembit
Owen, Albert
Price, Adam
Smith, Mr. John
Smith, Mr. Llew
Tami, Mark
Thomas, Gareth
Thomas, Mr. Simon
Touhig, Mr.
Williams, Mr. Alan
Williams, Hywel
Williams, Mr. Roger

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