Standing Orders of the House of Commons - Public Business 2002 Contents


Members (Introduction and Seating)

  5. Every person returned as a Member of this House may make and subscribe a solemn affirmation in the form prescribed by statute instead of taking an oath. Affirmation in lieu of oath.
  6. Members may take and subscribe the oath required by law at any time during the sitting of the House, before the orders of the day and notices of motions have been entered upon, or after they have been disposed of; but no debate or business shall be interrupted for that purpose. Time for taking the oath.
  7. No Member's name shall be affixed to any seat in the House before the hour of prayers; and the Speaker shall give directions to the doorkeepers accordingly. Seats not to be taken before prayers.
  8. Any Member having secured a seat at prayers shall be entitled to retain the same until the rising of the House. Seats secured at prayers.

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Prepared 29 October 2001