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  38.—(1) If the opinion of the Speaker or the chairman as to the decision of a question is challenged he shall direct that the lobby be cleared. Procedure on divisions.
  (2) Not more than two minutes from this direction he shall put the question again, and, if his opinion is again challenged, he shall announce the names of tellers.
  (3) After the lapse of at least eight minutes from the direction to clear the lobby he shall direct that the doors giving access to the division lobbies be locked.
  39.—(1) A Member may vote in a division although he did not hear the question put. Voting.
  (2) A Member is not obliged to vote.
  40. The Speaker or the chairman may, after the lapse of two minutes, if in his opinion the division is unnecessarily claimed, take the vote of the House, or committee, by calling upon the Members who support, and who challenge, his decision, successively to rise in their places; and he shall thereupon, as he thinks fit, either declare the determination of the House or committee, or name tellers for a division. Division unnecessarily claimed.
  41.—(1) If it should appear that fewer than forty Members (including the occupant of the chair and the tellers) have taken part in a division, the business under consideration shall stand over until the next sitting of the House and the next business shall be taken. Quorum.
  (2) The House shall not be counted at any time.

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Prepared 29 October 2001