Standing Orders of the House of Commons - Private Business 2001

Arrangement of Clauses (Contents)



Water bills

  160.—(1)  In the case of a bill whereby it is proposed to authorise the impounding by means of a dam constructed across a river or stream, or the abstraction by other means, of the whole or any part of the water of a river or stream, the committee on the bill shall— Compensation water, etc.
(HL 144)
      (a)  where such a dam is to be constructed, inquire into the expediency of making provision, so far as may be practicable, for giving a flow of water in compensation for the water impounded, and for securing that the whole or a minimum amount of such compensation water shall be given in a continuous flow throughout the twenty-four hours of every day; and
      (b)  in any other case, inquire into the expediency of making provision for limiting the amount of water to be abstracted, either to a specified quantity in a specified period or so as to secure that the flow in the river or stream at a specified point below the point of abstraction shall not be reduced below a specified amount or rate;
    and shall report to the House accordingly.
  (2) In determining whether any and, if so, what provision should be made in either of the cases aforesaid, the committee shall have regard—
      (a) to the character and flow of the river or stream;
      (b) to the extent to which it is used for industries, fisheries and other undertakings;
      (c) to the probability of future industrial development;
      (d) to the minimum flow required in the interest of public health; and
      (e) to the protection of the rights and interests of riparian and other landowners.

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Prepared 5 July 2001