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Weekly Information Bulletin: 23rd June 2001

Business of the House of Commons
13 - 22 June 2001

Wednesday 13 June

The House sat at 2.30pm

New Parliament summoned

Election of Speaker - Motion by Sir George Young, that Mr Michael J. Martin take the Chair as Speaker of the House of Commons. (Agreed to, no division) Mr Michael J Martin was duly elected as Speaker

The House rose at 3.24pm

Thursday 14 June

The House sat at 2.30pm

Swearing in of Members

The House rose at 5.01pm

Friday 15 June

The House sat at 9.30am

Swearing in of Members

The House rose at 11.47am

Monday 18 June

The House did not sit

Tuesday 19 June

The House sat at 2.30pm

Swearing in of Members

The House rose at 5.00pm

Wednesday 20 June

State Opening of Parliament - The Commons was summoned to the House of Lords to hear the Queen's Speech at 11.30pm. Among the proposals for legislation were:

An Education Bill

A Bill to reform health services

Legislation to reform the provision of health services in Wales

Legislation to reform sentencing and rules of evidence, with measures to tackle corruption and sex offenders

A Bill to increase powers against money laundering and establish a Criminal Assets Recovery Agency

Legislation to help police fight crime and establish a new complaints system

Legislation to reform the criminal courts system

Legislation to extend the life of the Football (Disorder) Act

Legislation to reform the welfare system

Legislation to introduce the new tax credits system and to establish the new pension credit for pensioners

Legislation to encourage enterprise, strengthen competition law and promote safeguards for consumers

Legislation to implement the second phase of House of Lords reform

Legislation to allow political parties to increase the representation of women via all women short lists if they desire

Legislation to reform the system of land registration

A Bill on Commonhold and Leasehold reform

Legislation to equalise the age of entitlement for concessionary travel fares the same for men and women at sixty

A Bill to reform adoption law

A Bill on hunting with dogs, this will be subject to a free vote

At least 2 Bills will be published in draft and will include: a draft Bill to create a single regulator for the media and communications industry and reform the broadcasting and telecommunications regulations as well as draft legislation setting out the proposals in Lord Cullen's inquiry into rail safety

The Sitting was suspended until 2.15pm

Resolution - to appoint Sir Alan Haselhurst as Chairman of Ways and Means, Mrs Sylvia Heal as First Deputy Chairman of Ways and Means and Sir Michael Lord as Second Deputy Chairman of Ways and Means (Agreed to, no divison)

Debate on the Address - General debate on a motion by Mr Barry Sheerman to thank Her Majesty for the Gracious Speech. (1st Day) (Seconded by Mr David Lammy)

Adjournment - Mr David Drew on student debt

The House rose at 5.00pm

Thursday 21 June

The House sat at 11.30am

Business Statement - Robin Cook, Leader of the House

Statement - Foot and Mouth - Margaret Beckett

Debate - on the Address - led by Estelle Morris on Public Services (2nd Day)

Adjournment - Dr Julian Lewis on cardiac risk in the young

The House rose at 7.30pm

Friday 22 June

The House sat at 9.30am

Debate - on the Address - led by Mr Jack Straw on Foreign Affairs and Defence (3rd Day)

Adjournment - Mr Graham Allen on the voter turn out in the General Election

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Prepared 23 June 2001