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Weekly Information Bulletin: 23rd June 2001

25 JUNE - 29 JUNE

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Monday 25 June (2.30pm)

Oral Questions - When it is planned to introduce the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 into Whitehall Departments and what training programme is in place to implement that timetable (L. McNally); What arrangements are being made to conclude new contracts with general practitioners working in the National Health Service (L. Campbell of Croy); What plans there are to improve rail communications with the Haven Ports following the announcement that Hutcheson Whampoa propose to increase capacity at Felixstowe and to create a new cargo facility at Harwich (L. Bridges); Whether a review of energy policy is being considered (L. Ezra).

Debate on the Address (second day) - Social and Economic Affairs and Industry (B. Hollis of Heigham).

Tuesday 26 June (2.30pm)

Introductions - Baroness Greenfield and Lord Best.

Oral Questions -Whether the English Tourism Council will now be given the leadership role foreseen in their Tourism For Tomorrow strategy and whether its marketing functions will be restored with appropriate funding as originally exercised by the English Tourist Board (L. Montagu of Beaulieu); What importance is attached to the principle that statements of Government policy should be made first to Parliament (L. Blaker); Whether in view of recent incidents of disorder at international cricket matches fresh crowd control measures to combat the problem will be introduced (L. Faulkner of Worcester); What action is being taken on the 15 recommendations of the King's Fund inquiry into care and support services for old and disabled people (L. Ashley of Stoke).

Debate on the Address (third day) - Education, the Environment and Agriculture (L. Falconer of Thoroton).

Wednesday 27 June (2.30pm)

Introductions - Lord Hannay of Chiswick and Rt Hon. Robert Sheldon.

Oral Questions - What action is intended to be taken in response to the decline in the number of women Members of Parliament in the current Parliament (B. Thomas of Walliswood); Whether there are any plans for the Royal Navy to join the Maritime Tactical Missile Defense Forum (L. Chalfont); By what means it is intended to restore profitability to British agriculture (L. Renton of Mount Harry).

Debate on the Address (fourth day) - Home Affairs and Health (L. Rooker).

Thursday 28 June (3.00pm)

Oral Questions - Whether the Boundary Commission has been requested to ensure that new Parliamentary constituencies in Scotland are ready before the next General Election (L. Monro of Langholm); How far the plans for missile defence as spelt out by the United States administration to its allies in recent weeks depend on British co-operation in making early warning systems available (L. Wallace of Saltaire); Whether the decision to apply for judicial review of the Tribunal decision in the case of the Afghan appellant "Number 19" will be reconsidered (L. Avebury).

Debate on the Address (fifth day) - Foreign Affairs, International Development and Defence (L. Bach).


Monday 2 July

Introductions - Lord Chan and Rt Hon Dr David Clark.

Debate - Report by the Group Appointed to consider the Recommendations of the Committee on Standards in Public Life on Standards in the House of Lords [HL Paper 68, 2000-01].

Legislation - International Development Bill [HL] - second reading.

Unstarred Question - Whether it is intended to implement the changes in the structure of the Arts Council of England, and if so, what is the timetable (V. Falkland).

Tuesday 3 July

Introductions -Mr Peter Temple-Morris and Mr Bruce Grocott.

Legislation - Land Registration Bill [HL] - second reading.

Wednesday 4 July

Introductions - Rt Hon. Sir John Morris and Rt Hon. Sir Norman Fowler.


Thursday 5 July

Legislation - Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Bill [HL] - second reading.

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