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Weekly Information Bulletin: 24th July 2001

16 JULY - 20 JULY

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Monday 16 July (2.30pm)

Oral Questions - Whether any sections of the Data Protection Act 1998 which restrict or inhibit medical research likely to save lives will be amended (L. Campbell of Croy); Whether the outcome of the review of the asylum seekers voucher scheme is expected to be announced before the summer recess (L. Greaves); Whether full membership of NATO for some or all of the nine current applicant states within the next three to four years is supported (L. Wallace of Saltaire); Whether the policy of the police not charging users of cannabis in parts of London has the Governments full support (B. Seccombe).

Legislation - International Development Bill [HL] (committee stage).

Unstarred Questions - What the social and political situation is in Pakistan (Bp of Rochester).

Tuesday 17 July (2.30pm)

Introductions - Lord Condon and Lord Corbett of Castle Vale

Oral Questions - What changes are proposed in the Governments policy towards Macedonia (L. Blaker); How it is proposed to maintain law and order in Northern Ireland in the light of the £117 million shortfall faced by the police in Northern Ireland revealed in the final annual report of the Chief Constable of the Royal Ulster Constabulary (L. Glentoran); Whether it is intended to move forward on proposals to tax cars on entering traffic-congested urban areas (L. Renton of Mount Harry); Whether the Register of Interests now to be prepared is to be made available for public comment; and whether entries relating to spouses, relatives or friends are to be made without written consent of those concerned (L. Campbell of Alloway);

Legislation - Consolidated Fund Bill (remaining stages); Land Registration Bill [HL] (committee stage - 1st day).

Unstarred Question - Promoting tourism in the United Kingdom (L. Harrison).

Wednesday 18 July (2.30pm)

Introductions - Lord Browne of Madingley and Lord Sutherland of Houndwood

Oral Questions - What, in the Governments assessment, are the economic, social and educational benefits of instituting a six-term school year as proposed by the English Tourism Council. (L. Harrison); How it is intended to ensure that National Health Service dental treatment is available to everyone living in London and other large cities (B. Gardner of Parkes); Whether the autumn sheep sales will be allowed to proceed; and, if not, what will happen to the breeding stock (B. Masham of Ilton).

Debate - Making Parliament more effective in holding the Executive to account, and therefore more relevant to voters (B. Williams of Crosby).

Unstarred Question - What assessment has been made of human rights abuses in China, and whether it is intended to re-assess the funding of agencies involved in population control measures in China (L. Alton of Liverpool).

Thursday 19 July (3.00pm)

Introductions - Lord Campbell-Savours and Lord Jones.

Oral Questions - What will be the attitude towards 100 per cent debt cancellation for the poorest countries at the G8 Conference in Genoa (L. Watson of Richmond); Whether it is believed that all applicants for university places should be treated equally (B. Young); What steps are being taken to reverse the decline in the number of students applying for places in United Kingdom medical schools (L. Roberts of Conwy).

Legislation - Land Registration Bill [HL] (committee stage - 2nd day)

Unstarred Question - What the response will be to the recommendations of the Parekh Report on the future of multi-ethnic Britain (B. Uddin).

Forthcoming Business of House of Lords
Provisional Future Business

Monday 23 July

Introductions- Lord Guthrie of Craigiebank and Lord MacGregor of Pulham Market.

Debates -Report of the European Union Committee on 'A Community Immigration Policy' (B. Harris of Richmond); Report of the European Union Committee on Minimum Standards in Asylum Procedures (L. Hope of Craighead).

Delegated Legislation - Representation of the People (Form of Canvass) (England & Wales) Regulations 2001; Representation of the People (Form of Canvas) (Scotland) Regulations 2001; Representation of the People (Form of Canvass) (Northern Ireland) Regulations 2001; Scotland Act 1998 (Transfer of Functions to the Scottish Ministers etc) Order; Transport (Scotland) Act 2001 (Conditions attached to PSV Operators' Licence and Competition Test for Exercise of Bus Functions) Order; The Home Grown Cereals Authority Levy (Variation) Scheme (Approval) Order 2001 - Motions for approval.

Tuesday 24 July

Introductions - Howarth of Breckland and Lord Ashdown of Norton-sub-Hamdon Lady.

Legislation - British Overseas Territories Bill [HL] (committee stage); Travel Concessions (Eligibility) Bill [HL] (committee stage).




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