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Weekly Information Bulletin: 20th October 2001


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Electoral Fraud (Northern Ireland)



No 4, This issue

Export Control


Reported 18.10.2001

No 4, This issue

Football (Disorder) (Amendment)



This issue



Reported 12.7.2001

No 3

Committee Membership

SC A: Football (Disorder) (Amendment) Bill

Mr John Butterfill / Mr Eric Illsley (Chairmen)

Mr Peter Atkinson            Mr Adrian Bailey            Mr Clive Betts

Andy Burnham            Mr Tony Clarke            Mr John Denham

Dr Ian Gibson            Mr Dominic Grieve            Mr John Grogan

Simon Hughes            Mrs Anne McGuire            Dr Andrew Murrison

Bob Russell            Mr Andrew Selous            Dr Howard Stoate

David Wright

SC B: Export Control Bill

Mr John McWilliam and Mr Nicholas Winterton appointed additional chairmen Mr Charles Hendry and Mr Robert Key appointed additional chairmen Mr Charles Hendry and Mr Robert Key appointed, Mr James Gray and Mr Richard Page discharged

SC D: Electoral Fraud (Northern Ireland) Bill

Mr Crispin Blunt and Mr John Hayes appointed, Mr James Cran and Mr John Taylor discharged

Standing Committee Meetings
15 - 18 October 2001

Tuesday 16 October

SC B:        Export Control Bill - 4th & 5th Sittings (Clauses 2 & 4 agreed to; Clause 7, as amended, agreed to;     Clause 5, as amended, agreed to on division; Clause 6 negatived)

SC D:        Electoral Fraud (Northern Ireland) Bill - 1st & 2nd Sittings (Clauses 1 & 2 agreed to; Clause 3, as             amended, agreed to on division)

1st DLSC:    Draft Contracting Out of Functions (Tribunal Staff) Order 2001

Wednesday 17 October

2nd DLSC:    Draft Pneumoconiosis etc. (Workers' Compensation) (Payment Claims)

        (Amendment) Regulations 2001

Thursday 18 October

SC B:    Export Control Bill - 6th Sitting (Clauses 10, 11,13-15 agreed to; Clause 12, as amended agreed to; Bill, as amended, to be reported)

SC D:    Electoral Fraud (Northern Ireland) Bill - 3rd & 4th Sittings (Clauses 4,5 & 7 agreed to; Clause 6, as amended, agreed to; New Clauses 3 & 6 negatived on division)

Forthcoming Standing Committee Meetings
22 - 25 October 2001

Monday 22 October

2nd DLSC:    Draft Drug Abstinence Order (Responsible Officer) (No 2) Order 2001, 4.30 pm Room 9

Tuesday 23 October

SC A:        Football Disorder (Amendment) Bill, Room 10

SC B:        Export Control Bill, 10.30 am and 4.30 pm Room 11

1st DLSC:    Draft Contracting Out of Functions (Tribunal Staff) Order 2001, 10.30 am Room 9

Wednesday 24 October

3rd DLSC:    Local Government Finance (England) Special Grant Report (No 87) (HC 220), on 2001-02 Special Grant for Local Authority E-Government Pathfinders, 4.30pm Room 9

Thursday 25 October

SC A:        Football Disorder (Amendment) Bill, Room 10

4th DLSC:    Draft Greater London Authority (Miscellaneous Amendments) (No 2) Order 2001, 9.55 am Room 9

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Prepared 20 October 2001