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Weekly Information Bulletin: 3rd November 2001


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Monday 5 November (2.30pm)

Oral Questions - What is the response to the proposals contained in the consultation paper Shifting the Balance of Power within the NHS (L. Clement-Jones); Whether there is a co-ordinated civil defence for London; and, if so, who is in charge of it (L. Watson of Richmond); What advice the Foreign and Commonwealth Office are giving to British citizens travelling abroad, bearing in mind the present state of world tension (B. Rendell of Babergh); Whether there is evidence of any contacts or attempted contacts between Northern Ireland-based terrorist organisations, including the Real IRA and the Provisional IRA, and al-Quaeda or its linked terrorist organisations (L. Glentoran).

Debate - The Situation in Afghanistan (L. Bach).

Unstarred Question - what steps are being taken to reduce prisoner recidivism (E. Dundee).

Tuesday 6 November (2.30pm)

Oral Questions - What plans are there to consult universities in the course of the review of student finance which has been announced; and whether it is an agreed basis of the review that universities should in any circumstances receive an increase in the resources available and not a reduction in them (L. Hannay of Chiswick); What progress has been made through the Commonwealth, the European Union, the United Nations and other international bodies in arranging for independent observers to monitor the forthcoming Presidential elections in Zimbabwe (L. Blaker); What is being done to persuade the World Trade Organisation, when agreeing and applying its rules, to incorporate appropriate environmental and social criteria on an equal basis to economic criteria (B. Miller of Chilthorne Domer); In the light of the commitments, made in response to the Better Regulation Taskforce Report on Environmental Regulation and Farmers, why continuous environmental regulatory burdens are being placed upon farmers (B. Byford).

Legislation - Office of Communications Bill [HL] - (committee stage - 2nd Day).

Unstarred Question - Whether there is a proposal to introduce a new Disability Bill (L. Ashley of Stoke).

Wednesday 7 November (2.30pm)

Oral Questions - Whether livestock auctions will be reopened this year (L. Geraint); What measures are being taken to ensure that local authorities, in areas where there were floods in 2000, are taking all possible steps to protect towns and villages from similar disasters this winter (L. Renton of Mount Harry); What discussions they have had with the European Union and the French concerning the asylum seekers who have passed through Sangatte attempting to enter the United Kingdom (L. Dixon-Smith).

Debates - Reviewing of the Barnett formula (L. Barnett); Planning for the possibility of a successful terrorist attack on the United Kingdom using a weapon of mass destruction (L. Lucas).

Legislation - Christmas Day (Trading) Bill [HL] (second reading).

Thursday 8 November (3.00pm)

Oral Questions - What is being done to make the public aware of diagnostic health benefits of eye examinations, including general health prognosis (B. Gardner of Parkes); Whether the Government would like to see progress towards a Supreme Court separate from the House of Lords, as advocated by the senior Lord of Appeal in Ordinary, Lord Bingham of Cornhill (L. Hooson); Whether an inquiry will be conducted into measures necessary to prevent hijacking of passenger aircraft (L. Janner of Braunstone).

Legislation - Land Registration Bill [HL] (third reading).

Delegated Legislation - Draft European Communities (Definition of Treaties) (Partnership Agreement between the Members of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States and the European Community and its Member States (The Cotonou Agreement)) Order; Social Security (Jobcentres Plus Interviews) Regulations 2001 - Motions for approval; Social Security (Jobcentres Plus Interviews) Regulations 2001 (S.I 2001/3210) - Prayer to annul; Northern Ireland Act 2000 (Suspension of Devolved Government) Order 2001; Northern Ireland Act 2000 (Restoration of Devolved Government) Order 2001; Northern Ireland Act 2000 (Suspension of Devolved Government) (No2) Order 2001; Northern Ireland Act 2000 (Restoration of Devolved Government) (No. 2) Order 2001 - Motions for approval.


Monday 12 November

Legislation - Homelessness Bill (second reading); European Communities (Finance) Bill (second reading).

Unstarred Question - Whether the legislation governing the National Trust in England and Wales is in need of modernisation (L. Patten).

Tuesday 13 November

Legislation - European Communities (Finance) Bill (committee and remaining stages); Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Bill [HL] (report stage).

Unstarred Question - What future is envisaged for the British Transport Police in the light of the recent publication of their consultation paper (L. Faulkner of Worcester).

Wednesday 14 November


Legislation - National Heritage Bill [HL] - (committee stage).

Thursday 15 November

Legislation - European Communities (Amendment) Bill - (committee stage - first day).

Delegated Legislation - Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 (Modification Order) 2001; Criminal Justice (International Co-operation) Act 1990 (Modification) 2001; Regulation of Investigatory Powers (Technical Advisory Board) Order 2001; Fishing Vessels (Decommissioning) Scheme 2001 - Motions for approval.

Friday 16 November

Legislation - Tobacco Advertising and Promotion Bill [HL] - (committee stage).

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