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Weekly Information Bulletin: 17th November 2001


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Monday 19 November (2.30pm)

Oral Questions - Whether there will be a public enquiry into the safety implications of the proposed reorganisation of pilot services in the Humber estuary, to avoid a situation similar to that which contributed to the Sea Empress disaster at Milford Haven (L. Berkeley); Whether a list will be published of the outbreaks of foot-and-mouth disease, giving in each instance the dates and places and the actions taken by the then Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food or its successor, the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, and the number of animals slaughtered (L. Peyton of Yeovil); Whether it is considered the funding of sixth form places by the Learning and Skills Council is adequate (B. Walmsley); How the policies on education support the needs of young carers (B. Massey of Darwen).

Legislation - Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Bill [HL] - (third reading).

Delegated Legislation - Human Rights Act 1998 (Designation Derogation) Order 2001 - Motion for approval.

Debate - Report of the European Union Committee on Counter-Terrorism: The European Arrest Warrant (6th Report, HL Paper 34).

Tuesday 20 November (2.30pm)

Oral Questions - What is the response to the Audit Commission report on accident and emergency services (B. Greengross); Whether, following reports of a possible trial of beta interferon drugs for multiple sclerosis sufferers, a clinical trial of anti TNF drugs for rheumatoid arthritis sufferers would be supported (L. Roberts of Conwy); Whether they intend to bring forward proposals to assist with housing problems in areas such as East Lancashire, which have large numbers of cheap and substandard terraced houses, many of which are standing empty (L. Greaves); Whether the full text of the 1998 survey of employment tribunals will be publicized immediately so that Parliament can judge the case for restricting access to employment tribunals as proposed by the Employment Bill 2001 (L. McCarthy).

Legislation - European Communities (Amendment) Bill - (committee stage - second day)

Unstarred Question - Whether the case for a cleaner coal demonstration plant is supported (L. Lofthouse of Pontefract).

Wednesday 21 November (2.30pm)

Oral Questions - Whether the contents of the Animal Health Bill were agreed prior to the statement by the Lord Whitty on 22nd October that tests for BSE had been made on the brains of cows and not of sheep (HL Deb, cols. 826-30)(B. Seccombe); Whether a referendum will be called on the abolition of the monarchy (L. Dormand of Easington); What plans are there to require applicants for British citizenship to be given a foundation course on the duties and responsibilities of citizenship (L. Alton of Liverpool).

Debates - The place of the financial services industry in the economy of the United Kingdom (L. Levene of Portsoken); The issues now confronting the National Health Service with particular reference to medical teaching and research (L. Walton of Detchant).

Unstarred Question - Given the proposal to legislate to proscribe incitement to religious hatred, why is it not considered appropriate to treat such incitement as an aggravating circumstance under existing law to afford a greater sentence (L. Campbell of Alloway).

Thursday 22 November (3.00pm)

Oral Questions - In the recent OFSTED paper on the teaching of phonics, what further action will be taken to secure the proper teaching of phonics in primary schools and teacher training colleges (B. Brigstocke); Whether the decision not to give evidence to the Devon Foot-and-Mouth Enquiry was influenced by the number of permanent staff at their Exeter Office who have been suspended since August 2001 (E. of Onslow); Whether there is satisfaction with the progress made by universities towards combatting the discrimination against women and ethnic minorities in pay and promotions as revealed by the Bett Report (B. Sharp of Guildford).

Legislation - Office of Communications Bill [HL] - (report stage).

Delegated Legislation - The Dentists Act 1984 (Amendment) Order 2001; The Maternity and Paternal Leave (Amendment) Regulations 2001; The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (Immunities and Privileges) Order 2001; The Uncertified Securities Regulations 2001 - Motions for approval.


Monday 26 November

Legislation - European Communities (Amendment) Bill - (committee stage - third day).

Delegated Legislation - The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (Exceptions) (Amendment) (No 2) Order 2001 - Motion for approval.

Tuesday 27 November

Legislation - Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Bill - (second reading); Christmas Day (Trading) Bill [HL] - (committee stage).

Wednesday 28 November

Debates - The case for individual rights of access under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 to information held by central government departments to come into force at the same time as publication schemes are implemented in November 2002 (L. Goodhart); The Government's decision that their recommendation for British membership of the Eurozone should be based on wider considerations than the five economic tests (L. Taverne).

Unstarred Question - Whether the increasing use of short-and medium-term contracts in the further and higher education sector is satisfactory (B. Sharp of Guildford).

Thursday 29 November

Legislation - Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Bill (committee stage - first day).

Delegated Legislation - Draft Community Legal Service (Cost Protection) (Amendment No.2) Regulations 2001 - Motion for Approval.

Friday 30 November

Legislation - Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Bill - (committee stage - second day).

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