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Session 2001- 02
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Weekly Information Bulletin
Weekly Information Bulletin: 15th December 2001




Evidence Paper No 2001-02

Culture, Media and Sport

The Sport of Swimming

HC 418

Education and Skills

DfES: the next four years

HC 304

Further Education: Follow-up

HC 322

Post-16 Student Support

HC 445

Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

The Impact of Foot and Mouth Disease

HC 323

The Animal Health Bill

HC 339

The Establishment of DEFA and other matters

HC 366

The Work of the Countryside Agency

HC 386


HC 411

(Radioactive Waste Policy Sub-Cttee)

Radioactive Waste Policy

HC 407

Environmental Audit

Pre-Budget Report

HC 363

Departmental Responsibilities for Sustainable Development

HC 326

Foreign Affairs

Foreign Policy Aspects of the War Against Terrorism

HC 384


HC 456


Public Expenditure on Health and Personal Social Services

HC 242

Public Expenditure

HC 281

The Role of the Private Sector in the NHS

HC 308

Home Affairs

Handling Clinical Negligence Claims in England

HC 280

The Work of the Home Office

HC 302

The Government's drug policy: is it working

HC 318

International Development

The Humanitarian Crisis in Afghanistan and the

Surrounding Region

HC 300

The Effectiveness of the Reforms of the European Development Assistance

HC 417

Science and Technology

Cancer Research - A Follow-up

HC 444

Scottish Affairs

Job Creation Potential of the Modernised Forth, Clyde and Scottish Union Canal

HC 424

Trade and Industry

Energy Policy: Security of Supply

HC 364


HC 453

The Review of the DTI structure and business support

HC 454

Transport, Local Government

and the Regions

Empty Homes

HC 240

Transport Sub-Committee

Passenger Rail Franchising and the Future of

Railway Infrastructure

HC 239

London Underground

HC 387

Urban Affairs Sub-Committee

Sport, Open Space and Recreation

HC 238

Departmental Report and Recent Policy Developments

HC 373


Financial Services Authority

HC 268

Regulation of Equitable Life

HC 317

2001 Pre-Budget Report

HC 430

Treasury Sub-Committee

The 2001 Census in England and Wales

HC 310

The Office of Government Commerce

HC 350

HM Customs and Excise: The Roques Report

HC 371

Welsh Affairs

Transport in Wales

HC 378

Farming and Food Prices in Wales

HC 427

Work and Pensions

'One' Pilots: Lessons for Jobcentre Plus

HC 426

Other Committees


Select Committees

HC 224

Modernisation of the House of Commons

HC 440

Public Accounts

Giving Confidently: The Role of the Charity Commission in Regulating Charities

HC 412

Public Administration

Public Service Reform

HC 263





Culture, Media and Sport


Written evidence by 7.12.2001

Education and Skills


Written evidence by 26.11.2001

Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Future of UK Agriculture: Beyond Subsidies

Written evidence by 14.12.2001

Environmental Audit

Renewables and the PIO Review

Written evidence by 25.1.2002

Foreign Affairs

Intergovernmental Conference 2004

Written evidence requested

UK Relations with Turkey

Written evidence by 21.1.2002

Human Rights Annual Report 2001

Written evidence by 30.1.2002


National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE)

Written evidence by 4.1.2002

International Development

Impact of DFID's work on Development

and its plans for the future

Written evidence by 9.10.2001

Global Climate Change and Sustainable


Written evidence by 9.1.2002

Northern Ireland Affairs

The Financing of Terrorism in Northern Ireland

Written evidence by 5.11.2001

Impact in Northern Ireland of Cross-Border Road Fuel Price Differentials: Three Years On

Written evidence by 14.1.2002

Transport, Local Government

and the Regions

Road Traffic Speed

Written evidence by 8.1.2002

Transport Sub-Committee

10 Year Plan

Written evidence by 7.1.2002

Welsh Affairs

Broadband Cabling in Wales

Written evidence requested

Objective 1

Written evidence by 17.12.2001

Work and Pensions

Pension Credit

Written evidence by 11.1.2002

Other Committees

Human Rights

Draft Remedial Order on Mental Health Tribunals

Written evidence requested


Parliamentary Questions and Electronic Tabling of Questions and Motions

Written evidence by 3.12.2001

The Appointment of Deputy Speakers

Written evidence by 3.12.2001

Public Administration


Inquiry announced 12.11.2001

Lords Reform

Inquiry announced 21.11.2001

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Prepared 15 December 2001