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Weekly Information Bulletin: 15th December 2001


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Monday 17 December (2.30pm)

Oral Questions - Whether the European Union will pay £122 million to compensate Spanish fishermen who can no longer fish off the coast of Morocco (B. Wilcox); How much tax revenues have declined as a result of the economic slowdown; and how this shortfall will be met (L. Northbrook); House of Lords reform on independence of membership (E. Liverpool); Why the document Education and Skills Delivering Results-Strategy to 2006, which pledged continuation and expansion of individual learning accounts, was published at the same time as the announcement to suspend the individual learning accounts scheme (B. Blatch).

Legislation - Consolidated Fund Bill - (second reading and remaining stages).

Debate - The situation in Afghanistan (B. Symons of Vernham Dean).

Unstarrred Question - What action is being taken to help achieve peace in the Middle East (E. Sandwich).

Tuesday 18 December (2.30pm)

Oral Questions - House of Lords reform elected/unelected membership (L. Geddes); Whether there are any plans to revive manufacturing industry in the United Kingdom (L. Roberts of Conwy); Whether it is intended to open up open country and registered common land (L. Greaves); What consultations are taking place on the proposal to increase the number of faith schools (L. Dormand of Easington).

Legislation - State Pension Credit Bill [HL] - (second reading).

Unstarred Question - The future of athletics in the United Kingdom (L. Glentoran).

Wednesday 19 December (2.30pm)

Oral Questions - Protecting children from physical abuse by adults (B. Walmsley); What measures are there to ensure that animal brains or any other tissue used for research are correctly labelled and stored (B. Byford); Whether sufficient use is being made of artificial blood substitutes and alternative treatments for anaemia in cancer patients to help combat any shortage in blood supplies (B. Masham Of Ilton).

Debates - Government policy on child poverty (L. Harrison); The problem of litter (L. Hardy of Wath).

Delegated Legislation - Draft Carriage by Air Acts (Implementation of the Montreal Convention 1999) Order 2001; Draft Carriage by Air Acts (Application of Provisions) Order 2001; Draft Driving Licences (Disqualification until Test Passed) (Proscribed Offence) Order 2001; Draft Transport Act 2000 (Consequential Amendments) Order 2001; Draft Local Authorities (Contracting Out of Highway Functions) (England) Order 2001; Draft Street Works (Charges for Occupation of the Highway) (England) Regulations 2001 - Motions for approval.

Thursday 20 December (3.00pm)

Oral Questions - Whether waste is the most difficult environmental issue facing the country after climate change (B. Miller of Chilthorne Domer); What steps have been taken to accelerate progress towards meeting the United Nations target of 0.7 per cent of Gross National Product in the official overseas development programme; and when it is expected to reach that target (Lord Judd); What advice is currently being given to consumers in respect of disposal of freezers and fridges in light of the requirements of EC. (E. Northesk).

Legislation - Football (Disorder) Bill - (second reading); Sex Discrimination (Election Candidates) - (second reading).

Christmas recess


Monday 7 January

Legislation - Electoral Fraud (Northern Ireland) Bill - (second reading).


Tuesday 8 January

Legislation - Export Control Bill - (second reading).

Debate - The Report of the European Union Committee on the European Court of Auditors: the case for reform (12th Report, Session 2000-2001, HL Paper 63) (L. Grenfell).

Wednesday 9 January

Debate - White paper on The House of Lords: Completing the Reform (CM 5291)(L. Chancellor) - (first day).

Thursday 10 January

Debate - The House of Lords: Completing the Reform (CM 5291) (L. Chancellor) - (second day).

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