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Weekly Information Bulletin: 22nd December 2001


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Tuesday 8 January (2.30pm)

Oral Questions - What is the present state of relations with Iraq (L. Blaker); When the report from Ernst & Young on the Public Private Partnership plan for the London Underground is expected and whether, in making the subsequent decision, the need for responsibilities to be clearly allocated will be considered (L. Peyton of Yeovil); Whether it is intended to act upon all the recommendations on disability equipment services in the report of the Audit Commission, Fully Equipped: The provision of equipment to older or disabled people by the National Health Service and Social Services in England and Wales (L. Campbell of Croy); What date it is expected to set up the successor company to Railtrack (L. Burnham).

Legislation - Electoral Fraud (Northern Ireland) Bill - (second reading); Export Control Bill - (second reading).

Debate - The report of the European Union Committee on the European Court of Auditors: the case for reform (L. Grenfell).

Wednesday 9 January (2.30pm)

Oral Questions - How it is proposed to fund the new vocational GCSE courses for 14 to 16 year-olds in maintained secondary schools (B. Sharp of Guildford); What is the state of the Kyoto Protocol on climate change, following the Marrakech Conference in November (L. Ezra); How many British servicemen and women have currently been allocated to serve with the European Rapid Reaction Force (B. Knight of Collingtree).

Debate - White paper on The House of Lords: Completing the Reform (CM 5291)(L. Chancellor) - (first day).

Thursday 10 January (3.00pm)

Oral Questions - What is the response to the European Commission's Internal Market Scoreboard about the extent and complication of business regulation in the United Kingdom (B. Miller of Hendon); Whether devolved administrations are free to make their own decisions within their competences without intervention from central government (D. of Montrose); Whether the time is right for a review of the Church of England's exemption from the Sex Discrimination Act 1975 (B. Perry of Southwark).

Debate - The House of Lords: Completing the Reform (CM 5291) (L. Chancellor) - (second day).


Monday 14 January

Legislation - Animal Health Bill - (second reading).

Unstarred Question - whether the impact of the proposed residential care standards for younger adults on their national drugs strategy and crime reduction agenda has been considered (L. Taverne).

Tuesday 15 January

Legislation - Homelessness Bill - (report stage).

Debate - Report of the Science and Technology Committee on Human Genetic Databases: challenges and opportunities (4th Report, Session 2000-2001, HL Paper 57) (L. Oxburgh).

Wednesday 16 January

Debates - The problem of overstretch and equipment failure in the British Army (E. Onslow); Improving the teaching of foreign languages in schools following the recommendations of the Nuffield Languages Inquiry Report of May 2000 - (L. Williams of Elvel).

Legislation - Parliament Act (Amendment) Bill [HL] - (second reading).

Thursday 17 January

Legislation - European Communities (Amendment) Bill - (report stage - first day).


Friday 18 January

Legislation - Tobacco Advertising and Promotion Bill [HL] - (committee stage - third day).

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