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Weekly Information Bulletin: 19th January 2002

Business of the House of Commons
11 - 18 January 2002

Friday 11 January

The House sat at 9.30 am

Private Members' Bills:

Pension Annuities (Amendment) Bill (Mr David Curry moved "That the Question be now put" - agreed to on division; 2nd Reading agreed to on division); Children With Disabilities (Play Areas) Bill (not moved); Animal Sanctuaries (Licensing) Bill (not moved); Football Spectators Bill (Objected to); Euro and Sterling Choice Bill (not moved); National Heritage Bill [HL] (Objected to) (2nd Readings)

(see Public Bill List for new dates)

Adjournment - Mr David Rendel on social service provision in West Berkshire

The House rose at 3.06 pm

Monday 14 January

The House sat at 2.30pm

Oral Questions - Defence

Legislation - Office of Communications Bill [HL] (2nd Reading agreed to)

Programme Motion - Office of Communications Bill [HL] (Agreed to on division)

Money Resolution - Home Energy Conservation Bill (Agreed to no division)

Adjournment - Mr Barry Gardiner on Government policy on orphan funds

The House rose at 10.58 pm

Tuesday 15 January

The House sat in Westminster Hall between 9.30am and 1.59pm

Westminster Hall: Private Members' Debates

Mr Bill Wiggin on Government policy on the single European currency

Roger Casale on the political situation in the Middle East

Mr Boris Johnson on the landfill tax credit scheme

Janet Anderson on NHS dentistry in the Rossendale Valley

Mr Andrew Mackay on the operation of the Law of Trespass

The House sat at 2.30pm

Oral Questions - Scotland; Advocate General; Lord Chancellor's Department; House of Commons Commission

Private Notice Question - Dr Liam Fox on hospital management - reply by Mr Alan Milburn

Ten Minute Rule Bill - Members of Parliament (Employment Disqualification) - Mr Peter Bradley (Motion for leave to bring in, agreed to, no division)

Legislation - National Health Service Reform and Health Care Professions Bill (Remaining Stages: Amendments 23-62 and 74-87 made; third reading agreed to, no division)

Adjournment - Mrs Anne McGuire on school places (East Sussex)

The House rose at 10.45 pm

Wednesday 16 January

The House sat in Westminster Hall between 9.30am and 2.00pm

Westminster Hall: Private Members Debates

Mr Michael Clapham on asbestos sufferers

Mr Mark Field on Metropolitan Police resourcing

Ms Gisela Stuart on measures to reduce the incidence of underage drinking

Mr Paul Burstow on recognition of Suez veterans

Mr Peter Kilfoyle on national missile defence

The House sat at 2.30pm

Oral Questions - Northern Ireland; Prime Minister

Ten Minute Rule Bill - Travel Concessions (Young Persons) - Dr Phyllis Starkey

Debate - on an Opposition Motion by Mr Charles Kennedy on "The State of the Railways" noting the failure of the Government to tackle adequately the growing crisis on British railways.

Amendment by Mr Stephen Byers congratulating the Government on its decisive action over Railtrack.

Debate - on an Opposition Motion by Mr Paul Burstow on "The State of the Care System" calling on the Government to undertake a whole system review of funding for social care.

Amendment by Jacqui Smith welcoming the Government's strategy for modernising social care services

Adjournment - Andrew Bennett on manufacturing industry in Denton

The House rose at 10.54pm

Thursday 17 January

The House sat at 11.30am

Oral Questions - Trade and Industry; Minister for Women

Business Statement - Leader of the House, Mr Robin Cook

Debate - on Bristol Royal Infirmary on a Motion for the adjournment of the House

Adjournment - Sir Paul Beresford on the approval of incinerator at Capel

The House also sat in Westminster Hall between 2.30pm and 5.02pm

Westminster Hall: Adjournment Debate - Victims and Witnesses in the Criminal Justice System

The House rose at 6.29pm

Friday 18 January

The House sat at 9.30am

(The Bulletin goes to press before the actual proceedings on Friday are known)

Private Members' Bills

Employee Share Schemes Bill; Public Right Of Planning Appeal Bill; Tobacco Disclosure Bill; National Heritage Bill (Second Readings)

Note: Consideration of Private Members' Bills may include a lengthy debate on the first-named Bill and sometimes debate on others listed. These Bills, and any not reached by 2.30pm may go through the stage named and further stages, if objections are not made.

Adjournment - Siobhain McDonagh on the future of Mitcham Cottage Hospital

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Prepared 19 January 2002