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Weekly Information Bulletin: 2nd February 2002


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Monday 4 February (2.30pm)

Oral Questions - When it is intended to publish the new proposals on student finance (B. Sharp of Guildford); Whether limiting the form and content of alcohol advertising will be considered (B. Strange); Whether steps will be taken to encourage back seat passengers in cars to wear seat belts in accordance with the law, including the prosecution of those who do not (L. Janner of Braunstone); What plans there are to reform the personal expenses allowance for older people in residential or nursing care homes (B. Greengross).

Legislation - Football (Disorder) (Amendment) Bill - (report stage); Northern Ireland Arms Decommissioning (Amendment) Bill - (committee stage); Electoral Fraud (Northern Ireland) Bill - (committee stage).

Tuesday 5 February (2.30pm)

Oral Questions - Whether those parts of the 1998 Survey of Employment Tribunals for which they have full data sets or robust data will be placed in the libraries of both houses, in particular those which relate to the 64 per cent of applications to the Employment Tribunals which come from employees who have not attempted to resolve matters directly with their employers in the first instance, as cited in the Government consultation paper Routes to Resolution (L. McCarthy); What arrangements and funding are in place for providing young adults with summer jobs and activities for 2002, especially in areas of social deprivation and community tension (L. Hunt of Chesterton); What steps are being taken to sustain economic growth to meet the Chancellor of the Exchequer's forecast as set out in page 3 of the Pre-Budget Report (L. Roberts of Conwy); Whether it is still intended to offer Spain joint sovereignty over Gibraltar (L. Waddington).

Legislation - Police Reform Bill [HL] - (second reading).

Unstarred Question - What action is proposed to reduce wastage rates among students in Initial Teacher Training and newly qualified teachers (B. Walmsley).

Wednesday 6 February (2.30pm)

Oral Questions - When is it expected to provide recombinant treatment for people with haemophilia irrespective of age or where they live in the United Kingdom (L. Morris of Manchester); Whether the European Union Foot-and-Mouth Disease Contingency Plans for Great Britain (last revised in July 2000) have been fully implemented and, if so, when this took place (Countess of Mar); What is the estimate of the value of the marine environment in the seas around the British Isles in terms of employment, industrial activity, leisure and recreation and cultural heritage, and what action is being taken to protect and enhance this asset(L. Judd).

Debates - Developments in tackling poverty and supporting families (L. Layard); Plans for implementing the Kyoto Protocol and the proposals for tackling the longer term challenges of climate change (L. Hunt of Chesterton).

Unstarred Question - Is there satisfaction with the situations of surviving ex-servicemen who were severely wounded, or suffered serious injuries to health, as a result of enemy action in the Second World War (L. Campbell of Croy).

Thursday 7 February (3.00pm)

Oral Questions - Whether a timetable for the next secondary school curriculum and staffing survey has been established (B. Walmsley); Whether, in view of the delay in proceeding with the Public Private Partnership, the current funding of the London Underground is sufficient, not only to cover essential maintenance but also to provide for improvement (L. Ezra); What actions are being taken to reduce the danger of nuclear war (L. Jenkins of Putney).

Legislation - Export Control Bill - (committee stage - first day).

Delegated Legislation - Draft Industrial Training Levy (Construction Board) Order 2002; Draft Industrial Training Levy (Engineering Construction Board) Order 2002; Road Traffic (NHS Charges) Amendment Regulations 2001 - Motion to Annul.


Monday 11 February

Debates - Report of the European Union Committee on A Second Parliamentary Chamber for Europe: An unreal solution to some real problems (7th Report, HL Paper48) (L. Brabazon of Tara); The Reports of the European Union Committee on Reducing Air Traffic Delays: Civil and Military Management of Airspace in Europe (14th Report, Session 2000-2001, HL Paper 79, and Supplementary Report: 9th Report, Session 2001-01, HL Paper 63)(L. Brooke of Alverthorpe).

Unstarred Question - What assessment has been made of the effect of the policies outlined in the NHS Plan (Cm 4818) on healthcare for ethnic minority communities (B. Uddin).

Tuesday 12 February

Legislation - State Pension Credit Bill [HL] - (report stage).

Unstarred Question - What the policy is towards political support for, and economic aid towards, the island states of the South Pacific (L. Glenarthur).

Wednesday 13 February


Legislation - Civil Partnerships Bill [HL] - (committee stage).

Thursday 14 February

Legislation - Football (Disorder) (Amendment) Bill - (third reading); Northern Ireland Arms Decommissioning (Amendment) Bill - (report stage).

Delegated Legislation - The Draft Contracting Out (Functions in relation to Apsley House) Order 2002; The Draft Air Navigation (Environment Standards) Order 2002 - Motions for Approval.


The House will return on Monday 25 February).

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Prepared 2 February 2002