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Weekly Information Bulletin: 9th February 2002


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Monday 11 February (2.30pm)

Oral Questions - What steps are being taken to ensure that obligatory retirement annuities are provided to men and women at the same price (B. Howe of Idlicote); Whether those who work in public service industries will be commended, particularly in the railway industry (L. Clinton-Davis); What humanitarian plans have been developed for long-term recovery in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (B. Rawlings); Whether there are any plans to change the arrangements for the appointment of bishops and archbishops (L. Faulkner of Worcester).

Debates - The Report of the European Union Committee on A Second Parliamentary Chamber for Europe: An unreal solution to some real problems (7th Report, HL Paper48)(L. Brabazon of Tara); The Reports of the European Union Committee on Reducing Air Traffic Delays: Civil and Military Management of Airspace in Europe (14th Report, Session 2000-2001, HL Paper 79, and Supplementary Report: 9th Report, Session 2001-01, HL Paper 63) (L. Brooke of Alverthorpe).

Unstarred Question - What assessment has been made of the effect of the policies outlined in the NHS Plan (Cm 4818) on healthcare for ethnic minority communities (B. Uddin).

Tuesday 12 February (2.30pm)

Oral Questions - Whether it is intended to introduce legislation to clarify and define the role and functions of special advisers (L. Campbell of Croy); What further action is being taken to deal with excessive increases in salary and large bonus and benefit payments to company board members (L. Dormand of Easington); Whether local authorities are entitled to disregard Government guidance on deafblind adults and children issued under section 7 of the Local Authority Social Services Act 1970 (L. Ashley of Stoke); Whether, in the light of recent disclosures of multiple directorships, as revealed by the Enron corporation bankruptcy, it is intended to introduce legislation to restrict the number of such appointments an individual may hold (L. Smith of Clifton).

Legislation - State Pension Credit Bill [HL] - (report stage).

Unstarred Question - What the policy is towards political support for, and economic aid towards, the island states of the South Pacific (L. Glenarthur).

Wednesday 13 February (2.30pm)

Oral Questions - What steps are being taken to ensure that accurate and balanced information is provided to parents whose children are being offered fluoridated school milk, to help them make an informed choice (L. Beaumont of Whitley); Whether the Tenancy Deposit Scheme will now be extended for a further period (L. Best); What the policy is towards holding asylum seekers in United Kingdom prisons (L. Chan)

Debates - The future of Consignia, its financial problems and the services it provides (B. O'Cathain); The impact of devolution on the economic and social conditions in Wales (L. Griffiths of Fforestfach).

Legislation - Dignity at Work Bill [HL] - (second reading).

Thursday 14 February (3.00pm)

Oral Questions - What modifications have been made to road approaches to rail bridges since the accident at Great Heck on 21st February 2001 (L. Greaves); Whether the transfer of National Air Traffic Control services to Swanwick has been successful (L. Bowness); What is being planned to help the tourism industry in Great Britain, given the 16 per cent reduction in foreign tourists visiting Great Britain in 2001 (L. Harrison).

Legislation - Civil Defence (Grant) Bill - (Money Bill) - (second reading); Football (Disorder) (Amendment) Bill - (third reading); Northern Ireland Arms Decommissioning (Amendment) Bill - (report stage).

Delegated Legislation - Draft Contracting Out (Functions in relation to Apsley House) Order 2002; Draft Air Navigation (Environment Standards) Order 2002; Draft Terrorism Act 2000 (Continuance of Part VII) Order 2002 - motions for approval.


Monday 25 February

Legislation - Civil Defence (Grant) Bill - (Money Bill) - (committee and remaining stages); Northern Ireland Arms Decommissioning (Amendment) Bill - (third reading); Electoral Fraud (Northern Ireland) Bill - (report stage); State Pension Credit Bill [HL] - (third reading).

Tuesday 26 February

Legislation - British Overseas Territories Bill [HL] - (consideration of Commons amendments); Employment Bill - (second reading).

Unstarred Question - Where is it considered that the national stadium should be sited (L. Corbett of Castle Vale).

Wednesday 27 February

Debates - The potential of the private rented sector (L. Best); The links between Third World poverty and terrorism (L. Dahrendorf).

Legislation - National Lottery (Amendment) Bill [HL] - (second reading).

Thursday 28 February

Legislation - Police Reform Bill [HL] - (committee stage - first day).

Delegated Legislation - AFFIRMATIVE INSTRUMENTS.

Friday 1 March

Legislation - Tobacco Advertising and Promotion Bill - (report stage).

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Prepared 9 February 2002