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Weekly Information Bulletin: 22nd June 2002

Forthcoming Business of the House of Lords
24 June - 27 June 2002

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Monday 24 June (2.30pm)

Oral Questions - What steps will be taken to increase the pay of university teachers (L. Lamont of Lerwick); When it is proposed to bring into force section 77 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (L. Archer of Sandwell); How many Government Departments now issue entitlement cards as identification documents (B. Sharples); In view of the priority given to drawing up authoritative advice on measures to minimise airline passengers' risk of deep vein thrombosis, whether similar priority will be given to ensuring that this important advice is understood by those passengers (B. Wilcox).

Legislation - Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Bill - (second reading); Adoption and Children Bill - (grand committee - 1st day) - Committee Room 4.

Delegated Legislation - Town and Country Planning (Major Infrastructure Project Inquiries Procedure) (England) Rules 2002 - Prayer to annul.

Tuesday 25 June (2.30pm)

Oral Questions - Whether the progress towards achieving equal pay and equality of opportunity in the Civil Service is satisfactory (B. Gould of Potternewton); How many immigrants have been admitted to the United Kingdom this year under the new fast-track system for those with special skills and, of these, how many have been admitted to fill National Health Service posts (B. Gardner of Parkes); What plans there are to raise family farm incomes above the national minimum wage (L. Livsey of Talgarth); Whether there is any target exchange rate for sterling in relation to the euro (L. Renton of Mount Harry).

Legislation - Proceeds of Crime Bill - (report stage).

Unstarred Question - On what basis is it believed that the contiguous cull policy carried out during last year's foot-and-mouth epidemic was legal (L. Willoughby de Broke).

Wednesday 26 June (2.30pm)

Oral Questions - What measures are in place to ensure that Connexions personal advisers are able to deal with children who are suspected to be at risk of abuse (B. Walmsley); What steps are being taken to increase the proportion of students at university studying science and engineering (L. Sheldon); Whether there is any reason other than economy for withholding pension increases from British citizens living in certain Commonwealth countries (L. Mackie of Benshie).

Legislation - European Parliamentary Elections Bill [HL] (Consolidation) - (committee (on re-commitment)); Education Bill - (report stage - 3rd day); Public Services (Disruption) Bill [HL] - (committee stage).

Thursday 27 June (2.30pm)

Oral Questions - Whether the Secretary of State for Transport is responsible for transport policy in his own constituency (L. Tebbit); Whether the medical emergency cover within the Parliamentary Estate is adequate (L. Astor of Hever); What the reaction is to traffic conditions at Vauxhall Cross and the junction of Vauxhall Bridge and Millbank (B. Trumpington).

Legislation - Employment Bill - (third reading); Adoption and Children Bill - (grand committee - 2nd day) - Committee Room 4.

Unstarred Question - How successful the Ministry of Defence's Skill Force pilot schemes have been in addressing the problems of school truancy and exclusion (L. Freeman).

Provisional Future Business
1 - 5 July 2002
Monday 1 July

Legislation - Justice (Northern Ireland) Bill - (report stage - 1st day).

Delegated Legislation - Draft Vehicular Access across Common and other Land (England) Regulations 2002 - Motion for approval.

Tuesday 2 July

Legislation - Enterprise Bill - (second reading); Adoption and Children Bill - (grand committee - 3rd day) - Committee Room 4.

Unstarred Question - What effect the American Farm Bill will have on proposals for the reform of trade in agricultural products (L. Carter).

Wednesday 3 July

Legislation - Education Bill - (third reading).

Unstarred Question - What proposals there are regarding the ownership of football league clubs (L. Clark of Windermere).

Thursday 4 July

Legislation - Mobile Telephones (Reprogramming) Bill [HL] - (report stage); Justice (Northern Ireland) Bill - (report stage - 2nd day); Adoption and Children Bill - (grand committee - 4th day) - Committee Room 4.

Friday 5 July

Legislation - Marine Wildlife Conservation Bill - (committee stage); Copyright (Visually Impaired Persons) Bill - (second reading).

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