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Weekly Information Bulletin
Weekly Information Bulletin: 29th June 2002

Business of the House of Commons
21 - 28 June 2002

Friday 21 June

The House sat at 9.30 am

Private Members Bills

Employee Share Schemes Bill - Report stage (new clause added) and Third Reading

Copyright (Visually Impaired Persons) Bill - Report stage and Third Reading

Firearms (Replica Weapons) Bill - Debate Adjourned, order for Second Reading read

Sex Discrimination (Amendment) Bill; Broadcasting Act 1990 (Amendment) Bill; Food Labelling Bill: Adjourned Debate On Second Reading [2nd November]; Bill; Vaccination Of Children (Parental Choice) Bill; Patients Without Legal Capacity (Safeguards) Bill; Regulation Of Child Care Providers Bill; Area Child Protection Committees Bill; Data Protection (Amendment) Bill; Sex Discrimination (Amendment) (No.2) Bill [Lords] - orders for second readings read, to be read a second time on Friday 19 July 2002.

Adjournment - Mr Andrew Love on Social Exclusion in Edmonton.

The House rose at 3.02pm

Monday 24 June

The House sat at 2.30 pm

Oral Questions - Culture, Media and Sport; Church Commissioners; Public Accounts Commission and Speaker's Committee on the Electoral Commission

Statement - European Council (Seville) - The Prime Minister

Legislation - Consideration of Lords Amendments to the Export Control Bill (amendments agreed to on Division, one amendment as amended agreed to, amendments to Lords amendments agreed to on Division, amendments disagreed to on Division)

Motion - To take note of European Union documents on the Single European Sky (agreed to)

Motion - To take note of European Documents on the Authorisation of Human and Vetinary Medicines (agreed to on Division)

Motion - Draft Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001 (Amendment) Order 2002 (Agreed to on Division)

Motion - Business of the House - Finance Bill (Agreed to)

Adjournment - Mr Simon Thomas on the case of Rev and Mrs Celia Thomas and the single room rule for people with disabilities

The House rose at 10.26 pm

Tuesday 25 June

The House sat in Westminster Hall between 9.30 am and 2.00 pm

09:30 11:00 Mr Stephen O'Brien on education in cities

11:00 12:30 Dr Brian Iddon on safety of ships and seafarers at sea

12:30 13:00 Mr Graham Brady on Hospital Chaplaincy and the Data Protection Act 1998

13:00 13:30 Mr John Smith on flight related deep vein thrombosis

13:30 14:00 Norman Lamb on export controls and Tanzanian surveillance systems

The House sat at 2.30 pm

Oral Questions - Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Ten Minute Rule Bill - Auctions - Mr Frank Doran

Debate - (i) On an Opposition Motion by Dr Liam Fox calling on Her Majesty's Government to raise awareness of the scale of mental health problems and to ensure patients are treated in an appropriate and dignified way. (Negatived on Division)

An amendment by Mr Alan Milburn supporting this government's investment in NHS mental health services and believing that improving mental health services should remain a key government priority. (Agreed to)

Debate - (ii) On an Opposition Motion by Mr Michael Ancram calling on Her Majesty's Government to take effective action to build an international coalition to apply pressure to restore democracy in Zimbabwe through fresh Presidential elections. (Negatived on Division)

An amendment by Mr Jack Straw welcoming the actions taken on Zimbabwe by Her Majesty's Government and its commitment to humanitarian relief in Zimbabwe and calling on the Government to encourage other donors to stand by the people of Zimbabwe at this difficult time. (Agree to) [15th allotted day]

Adjournment - Mrs Anne Campbell on drug-free methods of managing asthma

The House rose at 10.45 pm

Wednesday 26 June

The House sat in Westminster Hall between 9.30 am and 2.00 pm

09:30 11:00 Mike Gapes on transport in London

11:00 12:30 Matthew Taylor on future funding of political parties

12:30 13:00 Mr Iain Luke on electrification of the East Coast rail line north of Edinburgh

13:00 13:30 Alistair Burt on conclusion of the Bedfordshire County Council inquiry into Yarl's Wood

13:30 14:00 Andrew Bennett on North West Water's proposed business park in Audenshaw and Denton

The House sat at 2.30pm

Oral Questions - International Development; Prime Minister (Mr Robin Cook replied)

Private Notice Question - Meeting with French Interior Minister - Mr David Blunkett

Ten Minute Rule Bill - Indirect Taxes (Disclosure) - Mr Mark Hoban

Programme Motion - Tax Credits Bill (Agreed to)

Leg - Consideration of Lords Amendments to the Tax Credit Bill (Amendments agreed to, amendment 1 disagreed to on Division)

Adjournment - Mr Bernard Jenkin on development of Brightlingsea shipyard

The House rose at 7.34 pm

Thursday 27 June

The House sat at 11.30 am

Oral Questions - Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Business Statement - Leader of the House, Mr Robin Cook

Statement - Network Rail - Mr Alistair Darling

Estimates - 3rd Allotted Day - All outstanding Estimates agreed to, one on division

Debate - (i) Public - Private Partnership for London Underground (ii) Individual Learning Accounts

Adjournment - Huw Irranca-Davies on International violations of trade union rights

The House will also sit in Westminster Hall between 2.30pm and 5.30pm

Westminster Hall: Adjournment Debate - Report from the Science and Technology Committee on the Research Assessment Exercise

The House rose at 7.40pm

Friday 28 June

The House did not sit

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Prepared 29 June 2002