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Weekly Information Bulletin: 6th July 2002

Business of the House of Commons
1 - 5 July 2002

Monday 1 July

The House sat at 2.30 pm

Oral Questions - Work and Pensions

Statement - G8 Summit - Prime Minister

Legislation - Consolidated Fund (Appropriation)(No 2) Bill (Second and Third Readings)

Legislation - Public Trustee (Liability and Fees) Bill [HL] (Second reading, agreed to)

Adjournment - Mr Stephen Pound on anti-social behaviour

The House rose at 6.20pm

Tuesday 2 July

The House sat in Westminster Hall between 9.30 am and 2.00 pm

09:30 11:00 Mr David Marshall on the role of the Scotland office in promoting air services to and from Scotland

11:00 12:30 Mr Alistair Carmichael on pollution from ships at sea

12:30 13:00 Mr Malcolm Savidge on compulsory Sunday working for shop workers in Scotland

13:00 13:30 Mr Boris Johnson on health services in Oxfordshire

13:30 14:00 Mr Chris Bryant on the teaching of modern foreign languages

The House sat 2.30 pm

Oral Questions - Transport; Cabinet Office

Ten Minute Rule Bill - Committal to Prison in Default of Fines, Local Taxes, etc (Abolition) - Andy King

Debate - On an opposition motion by Mr Davis Willets calling on the Government to cut the burden of regulation on pension funds, reverse the spread of means testing among pensioners, reform annuities and provide better incentives for people to save, so that they can enjoy a prosperous retirement (negatived on division)

An amendment by Mr Andrew Smith congratulating the Government on the extra £6 billion paid to pensioners from April of this year and its intention to bring in the Pension Credit, and further welcomed the introduction and progress of stakeholder pensions and recognised there is still a lot to do. (Agreed to) [16th allotted day]

Adjournment - Richard Younger-Ross on care for the elderly in Devon

The House rose at 11.00pm

Wednesday 3 July

The House sat in Westminster Hall between 9.30 am and 2.00 pm

09:30 11:30 Mr John Randall on the status of Sikhs in the UK

11:00 12:30 Anne Picking on partnership between Government and trade unions

12:30 13:00 Mrs Marion Roe on cancer prevention

13:00 13:30 John Mann on speed cushions and road humps

13:30 14:00 Hugh Robertson on the actions of the planning inspectorate over gypsy sites in Kent

The House sat at 2.30pm

Oral Questions - Deputy Prime Minister; Prime Minister

Statement - Entitlement Cards - Mr David Blunkett

Presentation Bill - Shops - Mr Jimmy Hood

Ten Minute Rule Bill - Food Safety (Amendment) - Mr David Drew

Legislation - Finance Bill - (Report Stage, new clauses added, some new clauses disagreed to on division, one new clause negatived).

Adjournment - Dr Ian Gibson on Biobank

The House rose at 12.53am

Thursday 4 July

The House sat at 11.30 am

Oral Questions - Education and Skills; Solicitor-General

Business Statement - Leader of the House, Mr Robin Cook

Presentation Bill - Waste (No 2) - Mr Desmond Swayne

Legislation - Finance Bill - Report stage (amendments made, some amendments disagreed to on division) and Third reading (agreed to on division)

Adjournment - Miss Ann Widdecombe on care homes in Kent

The House rose at 7.44pm

The House also sat in Westminster Hall between 2.30pm and 5.30pm

Westminster Hall: Adjournment Debate - Reports from the Education and Skills Committee on the work of OFSTED

Friday 5 July

The Bulletin goes to press before the actual proceedings on Friday are known

The House sat at 9.30am

Debate - Modernising Britain's gambling laws on a motion for the adjournment of the House.

Adjournment - Vera Baird on paying for nursing training

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Prepared 6 July 2002