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Weekly Information Bulletin: 6th July 2002

Forthcoming Business of the House of Lords
8 July - 12 July

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Monday 8 July (2.30pm)

Oral Questions - Whether progress in reducing youth unemployment, especially in the countryside, is satisfactory (B. Byford); What was the outcome of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation meeting held recently in Rome (L. Howell of Guildford); What qualities they will be seeking in the next Chief Executive of the Central Office of Information Communications and what will be the method of appointment (L. McNally); What steps will be taken to mark the final repayment of Second World War debt to the United States government when £244 million is paid in 2006 (L. Laird).

Legislation - Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Bill - committee stage - (1st day).

Unstarred Question - What action will be taken in response to the international development annual report - (B. Rawlings).

Tuesday 9 July (2.30pm)

Oral Questions - What action is being taken to ensure that London is an effective gateway for tourism into the United Kingdom (L. Luke); Which Government departments last year authorised or instigated the inquiries which bankers, accountants, stockbrokers and others were required to make of their customers to discourage money laundering; and what results ensued (L. Peyton of Yeovil); What the long term policy for the coal industry is, including the import of foreign coal (L. Dormand of Easington); What action will be taken to deter and prosecute those responsible for digging and baiting badgers (L. Hardy of Wath).

Legislation - Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Bill - committee stage - (2nd day).

Delegated Legislation - Road Traffic (Vehicle Emissions) (Fixed Penalty) (England) Regulations 2002; Social Security (Electronic communications) (Child Benefit) Order 2002; Social Security Amendment (Intercalating Students) Regulations 2002; Child Support Appeals (Jurisdiction of Courts) Order 2002; Child Support (Temporary Compensation Payment Scheme) (Modification and Amendment) Regulations 2002; Contracting Out (Functions of Local Authorities: Income-Related Benefits) Order 2002; State Pension Credit Regulations 2002 - Motions for approval.

Wednesday 10 July (2.30pm)

Oral Questions - Whether the funding will be increased, via the Higher Education Funding Council, of exceptionally talented overseas research students to ensure the continuing excellence and international competitiveness of scholarships and research in leading United Kingdom universities (L. Hunt of Chesterton); Whether, the commitment to reproductive health as an important component of the international development policy will be reaffirmed in view of the present attitude of the United States administration (V. Craigavon); How much the refurbishing of the British Museum's new Great Court cost, and how great are the annual costs for maintaining this museum (B. Strange).

Legislation - Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Bill - committee stage - (3rd day).

Delegated Legislation - Court of Appeal (Appeals from Proscribed Organisations Appeal Commission) Rules 2002; Court of Appeal (Appeals from the Pathogens Access Appeal Commission) Rules 2002; Pathogens Access Appeal Commission (Procedure) Rules 2002; Offshore Installations (Emergency Pollution Control) Regulations 2002; Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Act 1963 (Schedule 4) (Amendment) Order 2002 - Motions for approval.

Thursday 11 July (3.00pm)

Oral Questions - How the commitment given at European Union level in May "promoting a ten year work programme on sustainable production and consumption with the aim of reversing the trends in the loss of natural resources and promoting the decoupling of economic growth from environmental degradation" will be drawn to the attention of consumers (B. Miller of Chilthorne Domer); What steps are being taken to implement the commitment made in the White Paper Valuing People: A New Strategy for Learning Disability for the 21st Century (Cm 5086, paragraph 7.16) to promote supported living for people with a learning disability living with older parents aged 70 and over (L. Rix); What are the current policies towards Zimbabwe (L. Blaker).

Legislation - Proceeds of Crime Bill - (third reading); Justice (Northern Ireland) Bill - (third reading); Mobile Telephones (Reprogramming) Bill [HL] - (third reading); Employee Share Schemes Bill - (second reading); Adoption and Children Bill - (grand committee - 5th day) - Committee Room 4.

Friday 12 July (11.00am)

Legislation - Finance Bill - (all stages); Copyright (Visually Impaired Persons) Bill - (second reading).

Debate - The agenda for the World Summit on Sustainable Development in the light of the Report of the Science and Technology Committee What on Earth? The Threat to the Science Underpinning Conservation (3rd Report, HL Paper 118) - (B. Walmsley).

Provisional Future Business

Monday 15 July

Legislation - Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Bill - committee stage (4th day); Adoption and Children Bill - (grand committee - 6th day) - Committee Room 4.

Unstarred Question - What is imposed to do about the major shortages in the number of people being trained in craft skills such as plumbing, electrical and gas fitting, despite the efforts of the Learning and Skills Council - (B. Sharp of Guildford).

Tuesday 16 July

Legislation - Enterprise Bill - committee stage - (1st day).

Delegated Legislation - Homelessness (Priority Need for Accommodation) (England) Order 2002; Representation of the People (England and Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2002; Representation of the People (Scotland) (Amendment) Regulations 2002; Freedom of Information (Designations of Persons as Public Authorities) Order 2002; Specialised Agencies of the United Nations (Immunities and Privileges) (Amendment) Order 2002; United Nations and International Court of Justice (Immunities and Privileges) (Amendment) Order 2002; International Maritime Organisation (Immunities and Privileges) (Amendment) Order 2002; Insider Dealing (Securities and Regulated Markets) (Amendment) Order 2002 - Motions for approval.

Wednesday 17 July

Debate - The Procedure Committee's Report on the Leader's Group Report (not yet published) (L. Tordoff).

Unstarred Question - What progress is being made on drawing up the Diabetes National Service Framework; and whether specific funding will be allocated to implement it (L. Clement-Jones).

Thursday 18 July

Legislation - Enterprise Bill - committee stage - (2nd day).

Delegated Legislation - Regulation of Investigatory Powers (Maintenance of Interception Capability) Order 2002; Regulation of Investigatory Powers (Covert Human Intelligence Source: Code of Practice) Order 2002; Regulation of Investigatory Powers (Covert Surveillance: Code of Practice) Order 2002 - Motions for approval.

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