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Weekly Information Bulletin: 19th October 2002

Business of the House of Commons

24 September - 18 October 2002

Recall -

Tuesday 24 September 2002

The House sat at 11.30 am

Statement - Iraq and Weapons of Mass Destruction - The Prime Minister

Debate - Iraq and Weapons of Mass Destruction on a motion for the adjournment of the House

The House rose at 10.14 pm

Tuesday 15 October

The House sat in Westminster Hall between 9.30 am and 2.00 pm

09:30-11:00 Dr Nick Palmer on the transport of animals

11:00-12:30 Mr Mark Field on the recycling household waste

12:30-13:00 Ms Debra Shipley on the vetting of child care workers

13:00-13:30 Mr Anthony Steen on Option 5 funding for education in Devon

13:30-14:00 Chris Ruane on crime in North Wales

The House sat at 2.30 pm

Oral Questions - Transport; Cabinet Office

Statement - Bali - the Prime Minister

Statement - Northern Ireland - Dr John Reid

Statement - A- Level Grading - Estelle Morris

Ten Minute Rule Bill - Corporate Responsibility (Environmental, Social and Financial Reporting) Bill - Linda Perham

Motion- Urban Post Office Reinvention Programme (agreed to on Division)

Legislation - Public Trustee and Liabilities Bill - remaining stages

Debate - Local Government Finance Formula Grant Distribution on a motion for the adjournment of the House

Adjournment - Mr John Bercow on caring for autistic children

The House rose at10.30pm

Wednesday 16 October

The House sat in Westminster Hall between 9.30 am and 2.00 pm

09:30-11:00 Mr Mark Prisk on the second hub airport in the South East

11:00-12:30 Mrs Claire Curtis-Thomas on corroboration in sex abuse cases

12:30-13:00 Mr Roger Gale on the testing and demolition of ordance and explosives at Shoeburyness and on Foulness Island

13:00-13:30 Mr George Howarth on Mr Kevan Sloan

13:30-14:00 Mr Elfyn Llwyd on disability living allowance

The House sat at 2.30pm

Oral Questions - Office of the Deputy Prime Minister; Prime Minister

Ten Minute Rule Bill - Duty Free Imports (Personal Use) Bill - Mr Peter Duncan

Debate - (i) On an Opposition Motion by Mr Damian Green expressing sympathy with those affected by the grading of A-Level exams, condemning Ministers at the Department for Education and Skills for proceeding with the new A-Level system, calling for the Qualification and Curriculum Authority to be made independent, regretting the confusion over exclusion appeal panels, noting the problems caused by the backlog at the Criminal Records Bureau, regretting that there is no reduction in truancy numbers and noting that the Government has failed to meet it's target on Primary School attainment and that the Secretary of State has failed to pledge to resign if those targets were not met. (Negatived on Division).

An amendment by Estelle Morris applauding the priority the Government attaches to education and congratulating the Secretary of State for Education and Skills on her excellent leadership of the education system. (Agreed to).

Debate - (ii) On an Opposition Motion by Mr David Liddington calling on the Government to acknowledge the gravity of the crisis in the countryside and to address effectively and urgently the problems faced by rural communities. (Negatived on Division).

An amendment by Alun Michael welcoming the Government's support for the farming and food industry, and calling on the Government to continue pursuing a strategy based on long term policies to regenerate British agriculture, improve rural services and revitalise the rural economy. (Agreed to on Division). [18th Allotted Day]

Adjournment - Derek Wyatt on the regulation of pension funds

The House rose at 10.57 pm

Thursday 17 October

The House sat at 11 .30am

Oral Questions - Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Business Statement - Leader of the House, Mr Robin Cook

Statement - Housing Benefit Reform - Mr Andrew Smith

Debate - Defence in the World on a motion for the adjournment of the House

Adjournment - Mrs Iris Robinson on policing in the Strangford constituency

The House rose at 7.30pm

The House also sat in Westminster Hall between 2.30 pm and 5.30 pm

Westminster Hall: Adjournment Debate - Transport, Local Government and the Regions Select Committee report on Road Traffic Speed

Friday 18 October

The House did not sit

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Prepared 19 October 2002