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Weekly Information Bulletin: 2nd November 2002

Forthcoming Business of the House of Lords
4 November - 7 November

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Monday 4 November (2.30pm)

Oral Questions - What the response is to the "significant concerns...about the judicial appointments process" recently identified in the first annual Report of the Commission for Judicial Appointments (B. Howe of Idlicote); Whether proceedings under the Children Act 1989 are appropriate where children are known to be suffering from professionally diagnosed organic illnesses (C. of Mar); What views there are on the report Keeping it Clean-The Way Forward for State Funding of Political Parties, published by the Institute for Public Policy Research (L. Goodhart); Whether there is any cost to public funds arising from the course available to students at Bradford University relating to beer drinking in Yorkshire (L. Trefgarne).

Legislation - Animal Health Bill - (third reading); Enterprise Bill - (consideration of Commons amendments and reasons).

Delegated Legislation - Draft Data Protection (Processing of Sensitive Personal Data) (Elected Representatives) Order 2002; Draft Maximum Number of Judges Order 2002 - motions for approval.

Tuesday 5 November (2.30pm)

Introduction - The Lord Bishop of Worcester.

Oral Questions - Whether the newly elected Government of Pakistan is recognised (L. Ahmed); What proposals there are to meet the commitment to revitalise regional museums (L. Sheldon); How it is intended to ensure the widest response to the public consultation on the Strategy Unit Review of Charities; and whether it will be ensured that the consultation will primarily be evaluated by the authors of the Review and that the results are published (L. Phillips of Sudbury); What progress has been made since 1st January 2002 towards putting an end to female circumcision in the United Kingdom (B. Rendell of Babergh).

Legislation - Adoption and Children Bill - (consideration of Commons amendments and reasons).

Debate - That this House takes note of the Report of the Select Committee on Chinook ZD 576 (HL Paper 25) - (L. Jauncey of Tullichettle). (L. Chalfont) - To move, as an amendment to leave out all the words after "the House" and to insert "accepts the Report of the Select Committee on Chinook ZD 576 and calls upon HMG to set aside the finding of gross negligence against the two pilots".

Wednesday 6 November (2.30pm)

Oral Questions - Whether the way in which the National Care Standards Commission performs its duties is satisfactory (L. Peyton of Yeovil); What proportion of Private Finance Initiative deals completed since 1997 have been:(i) examined by the National Audit Office; (ii) found to provide equal or better value for money than their appropriate public sector comparator (L. McCarthy); What the response is to allegations of political manipulation of food aid in Zimbabwe (L. Astor of Hever).

Legislation - Commonwealth Bill - (third reading); Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Bill - consideration of Commons amendments and reasons.

Delegated Legislation - Employment (Northern Ireland) Order 2002; Northern Ireland Act 2000 (Suspension of Devolved Government) Order 2002; Northern Ireland Act 2000 (Modification) Order 2002 - motions for approval.

Unstarred Question - What progress has been made towards resolving the problems of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (L. Maginnis of Drumglass).

Thursday 7 November (3.00pm)

Oral Questions - What steps have been taken regarding the application by the National Air Traffic Services to amend their charges (L. Clinton-Davis); When it is intended to implement the key recommendations in the National Institute for Clinical Excellence guidance "Improving outcomes in breast cancer" (B. Northover); What the current situation is regarding the development of the tertiary education campus at Springvale in north and west Belfast which was launched in 1998 by the Prime Minister and President Clinton (L. Smith of Clifton).

Legislation - Animal Health Bill - consideration of Commons amendments and reasons.

Delegated Legislation - Maternity and Parental Leave (Amendment) Regulations 2002; Paternity and Adoption Leave Regulations 2002; Statutory Paternity Pay and Adoption Pay (Weekly Rates) Regulations 2002 - motions for approval (to be debated together).


Provisional Future Business

Wednesday 13 November


Debate - Motion for an Humble Address.

Thursday 14 November

Debate on the Address - Foreign Affairs, International Development and Defence (B. Symons of Vernham Dean).

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