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3. Select Committee Staff

Details of the staff serving a particular Select Committee are set out in the entry for that Committee. One member of staff may fill more than one Committee post.

Furthermore, in many cases, Committee staff carry out duties in the service of the House unrelated to their work for a particular Committee. For some staff, especially those working in offices other than the Committee Office, those duties account for most of their work. This analysis of the staff who served Select Committees during Session 2000-01 is therefore presented office by office.


Committee Office
Principal Clerks*
Deputy Principal/Senior Clerks
Assistant Clerks
Committee Assistants:
Senior Executive Officers
Higher Executive Officers
Chief Office Clerks
Senior Office Clerks
NAO Audit Officers on secondment
Committee Specialists

* The Committee Office has five Principal Clerks who have supervisory and management responsibilities. Three of these performed additional functions as Clerks of Select or Joint Committees. The Clerk of Committees is Clerk of the Liaison Committee and of the Modernisation Committee; the Clerk of Domestic Committees is Clerk of the Finance and Services Committee; and one Principal Clerk of Select Committees was also Clerk of the Joint Committee on Tax Simplification Bills.

** Includes Personal Secretaries to Principal Clerks, and Secretaries providing support for Committees supported by Clerks in the Journal Office and Legislation Service.

Journal Office

A Deputy Principal Clerk was also Clerk of the Procedure Committee.

A Senior Clerk assisted the Clerk of the Committee on Standards and Privileges; and an Assistant Clerk in the Office assisted the Clerk of the Procedure Committee.

Legislation Service

The Clerk of Delegated Legislation (a Principal Clerk) has supervisory responsibility for staff of the Deregulation and European Scrutiny Committees, and for the Joint and Select Committees on Statutory Instruments. He acted for part of the Session as Clerk of the Deregulation Committee. He is supported by a Personal Secretary.

The following staff served the European Scrutiny and Deregulation Committees: 1 Deputy Principal Clerk, 1 Senior Clerk,1 Legal Adviser,1 Assistant Legal Adviser, 4 Senior Clerks (Clerk/Advisers with specialist experience), 1 Higher Executive Officer, 1 Chief Office Clerk, 1 Senior Office Clerk and 5 Secretaries.

One Office Support Assistant was shared between the European Scrutiny Committee and the Deregulation Committee. The two Committees were also assisted by the Counsel (European Legislation) and by an Assistant Legal Adviser.

A Senior Clerk in the Public Bill Office was also Commons Clerk of the Joint Committee on Consolidation, &c., Bills. A second Senior Clerk in the Office assisted with the Joint Committee on Tax Simplification Bills.

A Senior Clerk in the Private Bill Office was also Clerk of the Committee of Selection. She was assisted by a Chief Office Clerk who otherwise provides general support for the Committee and Private Bill Offices.

The Secretary to the Chairman of Ways and Means, who is a Senior Clerk, was also Clerk of the Select Committee on Statutory Instruments and Commons Clerk of the Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments. The Committees were also assisted by the Counsel for Legislation, and by 2 Assistant Counsel and 2 Secretaries.


In addition the following staff in the Committee Office provided support for the work of Select Committees as a whole, not assigned to a particular Committee:

1 Office Manager
1 Deputy Office Manager
1 Chief Office Clerk
1 Assistant Office Manager
1 Senior Office Clerk
6 Office Support Assistants

Note: two of these staff also provided support to the Private Bill Office (part of the Legislation Service). The Office Manager and Deputy Office Manager also provided services to the Clerk's Department as a whole.

Staff costs for the Committee Office in financial year 2000-01were approximately £4m.

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Prepared 26 July 2001