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Order of Business 11th November 2003

Here you can browse the House of Commons Order of Business for 11th November 2003.

* indicates a question for oral answer.
[R] indicates that the Member has declared a relevant interest.
Questions for oral answer not reached receive a written answer.
Supplementary questions will also be asked. Other Ministers may also answer.

+ indicates Government business.
Timings are indicative only.

At 11.30 a.m.      Prayers

Private Business

        Note: Private business is not debated at this time, and may not be proceeded with if opposed.

Consideration of Bill Ordered to lie upon the Table

London Local Authorities Bill [Lords].

[Amendment to be proposed by the Promoters.]

        [A copy of the proposed Amendment may be inspected in the Private Bill Office.]

Oral Questions to the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
*1 Gregory Barker (Bexhill & Battle):    If he will make a statement on the proposed constitution for Afghanistan.
( 137395 )
*2 Mr Bill Wiggin (Leominster):    If he will make a statement on the recent attack on the Red Cross in Iraq.
( 137396 )
*3 Mr David Stewart (Inverness East, Nairn & Lochaber):    If he will make a statement on his assessment of the future role of aid agencies in Iraq.
( 137397 )
*4 Mr Tom Clarke (Coatbridge & Chryston):    What the Government's policy is in respect of the Kurdish population in Northern Iraq and other parts of the region.
( 137398 )
*5 Mr Peter Pike (Burnley):    What discussions he has had with representatives of the governments of (a) Pakistan and (b) India on progress in dealing with the Kashmir situation.
( 137399 )
*6 Mr Graham Allen (Nottingham North):    If he will make a statement on the situation in Iraq.
( 137400 )
*7 Mr Andrew Dismore (Hendon):    If he will make a statement about cross-border terrorism in India.
( 137401 )
*8 Kevin Brennan (Cardiff West):    What recent consultations he has had with the government of Cyprus concerning the reunification of the island.
( 137403 )
*9 Mr Eric Illsley (Barnsley Central):    What further discussions he has had with the Iranian government about Iran's nuclear capacity since his visit there.
( 137404 )
*10 Mr John Grogan (Selby):    If he will make a statement about Government policy towards the Western Sahara.
( 137405 )
*11 Gareth Thomas (Clwyd West):    What discussions he has held with other foreign ministers on the effect of the security situation in Iraq on the prospects of aid agencies continuing their work in Iraq.
( 137407 )
*12 Ms Gisela Stuart (Birmingham, Edgbaston):    If he will make a statement on the progress of the Intergovernmental Conference.
( 137408 )
*13 Lawrie Quinn (Scarborough & Whitby):    What recent representations he has received about travel advice for UK citizens travelling to Saudi Arabia.
( 137409 )
*14 Mr Mark Lazarowicz (Edinburgh North & Leith):    What recent discussions he has had with the Israeli government about the building of the security wall.
( 137410 )
*15 Dr Vincent Cable (Twickenham):    If he will make a statement on progress towards establishing a multilateral authority under UN auspices in Iraq.
( 137411 )
*16 Mr Parmjit Dhanda (Gloucester):    What recent discussions he has had with the President of Afghanistan on the work in that country of the UN Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs.
( 137412 )
*17 Mr Robert Walter (North Dorset):    What discussions he has had with the government of Israel regarding the erection of the fence on the West Bank.
( 137413 )
*18 Mr Ben Chapman (Wirral South):    If he will make a statement on measures to contain North Korea's nuclear programme.
( 137414 )
*19 Bob Russell (Colchester):    When he last discussed with EU applicant countries progress towards ensuring equal rights for the Roma communities in those countries.
( 137415 )
*20 Mr Kevin Barron (Rother Valley):    What recent discussions he has had with Bulgarian ministers.
( 137416 )
*21 Mr John MacDougall (Central Fife):    What further joint initiatives with the French and German foreign ministers he will undertake with respect to Iran.
( 137417 )
*22 David Cairns (Greenock & Inverclyde):    What assessment he has made of the UN Report, Afghanistan Opium Survey 2003.
( 137418 )
*23 Ross Cranston (Dudley North):    What progress has been made in recruiting police to serve in Iraq.
( 137419 )

At 12.30 p.m.Urgent Questions (if any)
Ministerial Statements (if any)

Preliminary Business



[Up to 20 minutes]

      Jim Sheridan
        That leave be given to bring in a Bill to prohibit employers from benefiting from the death or illness of employees as a result of group insurance policies taken out without the employee's consent.

        The Member moving and a Member opposing this Motion may each speak for up to ten minutes (Standing Order No. 23).

Main Business

Note: Provision has been made for a Business Motion to be moved at 7.00 p.m. (Standing Order No. 15).

+  2  

ARMS CONTROL AND DISARMAMENT (INSPECTIONS) BILL [LORDS]:      Not amended in the Standing Committee, to be considered.

[Until 7.00 p.m.]

Debate may continue until 7.00 p.m.

At 7.00 p.m.


BUSINESS OF THE HOUSE        [No debate]

      The Prime Minister
        That, at this day's sitting, proceedings on the European Union (Accessions) Bill (Programme) (No. 2) Motion may be proceeded with, though opposed, until any hour.

To be decided without debate (Standing Order No. 15).

+  3  


[No debate]

      Mr Secretary Straw
      Mr Peter Hain
        That the following provisions shall apply to the European Union (Accessions) Bill for the purpose of supplementing the Order of 21st May 2003:

Consideration of Lords Amendments

        1.   Proceedings on consideration of Lords Amendments shall (so far as not previously concluded) be brought to a conclusion one hour after their commencement.

Subsequent stages

        2.   Any further Message from the Lords may be considered forthwith without any Question put.

        3.   The proceedings on any further Message from the Lords shall (so far as not previously concluded) be brought to a conclusion one hour after their commencement.

        To be decided without debate (Orders of 28th June 2001 and 29th October 2002).

+  4  

EUROPEAN UNION (ACCESSIONS) BILL:      Consideration of Lords Amendments.

[Up to one hour]

        Proceedings shall, so far as not previously concluded, be brought to a conclusion one hour after their commencement if the European Union (Accessions) Bill (Programme) (No. 2) Motion is agreed to.

+  5  


[Until 7.00 p.m.]

      The Prime Minister
        That this House do now adjourn.

        Proposed subject for debate: Reforming the United Nations.

Debate may continue until 7.00 p.m.

+  6  


[No debate]

      Mr Secretary Clarke
        That the draft Education (Amendment of the Curriculum Requirements for Fourth Key Stage) (England) Order 2003, which was laid before this House on 30th October, be approved.

        To be decided without debate (Standing Order No. 118 (6)).

At the end of the sitting:



        Proposed subject:      Cod stock demise in the British sector (Ann Winterton).

        Debate may continue until 7.30 p.m., or for half an hour, whichever is later (Standing Order No. 9 and Order of 29th October 2002).



1European Standing Committee A2.00 p.m.Room 14 (public)
To consider EU Documents 13297/03, 13244/03 and 12817/02 relating to Trans-European Networks.
2Third Standing Committee on Delegated Legislation2.30 p.m.Room 10 (public)
To consider the Northern Ireland Assembly (Elections and Periods of Suspension) Act 2003 (Consequential Modifications No. 2) Order 2003 (S.I., 2003, No. 2752.).


3Office of the Deputy Prime Minister: Housing, Planning, Local Government and the Regions9.00 a.m.

9.15 a.m.
The Wilson Room,
Portcullis House
Subject: The Fire Service.
Witnesses: Sir Graham Meldrum CBE, HM Chief Inspector of Fire Services, Mr Peter Morphew, HM Chief Senior Inspector of Fire Service, Robin Currie, Chief Executive, Fire Service College and Marie Winckler, Head of Fire Service Effectiveness Division, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister; Sir Jeremy Beecham, Chair, Local Government Association, and Ken Knight, LGA Advisor and Commissioner for Fire and Emergency Planning, London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority (at approximately 9.45 a.m.); Audit Commission (at approximately 10.15 a.m.).
4Trade and Industry9.00 a.m.

9.15 a.m.
The Grimond Room,
Portcullis House
Subject: Development of Broadband in the UK.
Witnesses: Consumers Association; AOL Time-Warner (at approximately 10.00 a.m.); Freeserve (at approximately 10.45 a.m.); United Kingdom Competitive Telecommunications Association (at approximately 11.30 a.m.).
5Constitutional Affairs9.00 a.m.
9.30 a.m.
Room 8 (private)
Subject: Judicial appointments and a Supreme Court.
Witnesses: Sir Colin Campbell, First Commissioner, Commission for Judicial Appointments; Mr Roger Smith, Director, JUSTICE and Professor Robert Stevens, Senior Research Fellow, University College London (at approximately 10.10 a.m.).
6Treasury9.15 a.m.
9.30 a.m.
Room 15 (private)
Subject: Long Term Savings and Life Insurance Industry.
Witnesses: Mr Ned Cazalet, Cazalet Consulting; Professor Philip Davis, Brunel University, Mary Francis, Association of British Insurers, and Mr Christopher O'Brien, Nottingham University Business School.
7Culture, Media and Sport10.00 a.m.

10.05 a.m.
The Thatcher Room,
Portcullis House
Subject: Cultural Objects.
Witnesses: HM Customs and Excise; Caroline Flint MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Home Office (at approximately 10.50 a.m.); Rt Hon Tessa Jowell MP, Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport (at approximately 11.35 a.m.).
8Home Affairs9.30 a.m.
10.15 a.m.
Room 6 (private)
Subject: Rehabilitation of Prisoners.
Witness: National Advisory Council to Independent Monitoring Boards for Prisons.
9Scottish Affairs2.00 p.m.
2.15 p.m.
Room 19 (private)
Subject: The Coincidence of Parliamentary Constituency Boundaries in Scotland and the Consequences of Change.
Witnesses: Convention of Scottish Local Authorities, and Scottish Trades Union Congress.
10International Development2.15 p.m.
2.30 p.m.
Room 8 (private)
Subject: Development Assistance and the Occupied Palestinian Territories.
Witnesses: Christian Aid, Oxfam, Save the Children, and the Welfare Association; The Israeli Committee against House Demolitions (at approximately 3.30 p.m.); Parents' Circle (at approximately 3.50 p.m.); The Simon Wiesenthal Centre and Ilka Schroder MEP (at approximately 4.10 p.m.).
11Trade and Industry2.30 p.m.

2.45 p.m.
The Grimond Room,
Portcullis House
Subject: Development of Broadband in the UK.
Witnesses: DTI; OFTEL (at approximately 3.30 p.m.); NTL (at approximately 4.15 p.m.); BT (at approximately 5.00 p.m.).
12Select Committee on Statutory InstrumentsImmediately after JCSI meetingRoom 7 (private)
13Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: Environmental Directives Sub-Committee2.30 p.m.

2.40 p.m.
The Wilson Room,
Portcullis House
Subject: The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive and End of Life Vehicle Directive.
Witnesses: Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders; British Vehicle Salvage Federation.
14Liaison5.00 p.m.The Boothroyd Room,
Portcullis House


15Draft Mental Incapacity Bill3.00 p.m.Room 6 (private)
16Draft Civil Contingencies Bill4.00 p.m.Room 5 (private)
17Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments4.15 p.m.Room 7 (private)

[The decision of a Committee to sit in public may be rescinded without notice.]

Written Ministerial Statements to be made today

1    Secretary of State for Culture, Media & Sport:      Television licence fee increases.
2    Secretary of State for Northern Ireland:      Annual Report and Statement of Accounts for 2002-03 for the Fire Authority for Northern Ireland.
3    Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs:      Publication of Lord Haskins' Report on Rural Delivery.
4    Mr Chancellor of the Exchequer:      Scotland Office and Wales Office: Financial Arrangements.
5    Mr Chancellor of the Exchequer:      Regulating home reversion plans.
6    Secretary of State for Work and Pensions:      Pension Credit.
7    Secretary of State for Work and Pensions:      Working parents' payments—help for small employers.
8    Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs:      Kosovo: Approach on handling final status.


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Prepared 11 November 2003