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Summary Agenda 7 January 2003

Here you can browse the House of Commons Summary Agenda for 7 January 2003.

2.30 p.m.Prayers.
AfterwardsOral Questions to the Secretary of State for Scotland.
2.55 p.m.Oral Questions to the Advocate General for Scotland.
3.00 p.m.Oral Questions to the Parliamentary Secretary, Lord Chancellor's Department.
3.15 p.m.Oral Questions to the President of the Council and the honourable Member answering for the House of Commons Commission.
3.30 p.m.Urgent Questions, Ministerial Statements (if any).
AfterwardsHealth and Safety at Work (Amendment)—Motion for leave to introduce a Bill under the Ten minute rule (Lawrie Quinn) (for up to 20 minutes).
Local Government Bill: Second Reading (may continue until 10.00 p.m.).
—followed by Programme Motion (without debate).
—followed by Money Resolution (without debate).
—followed by Ways and Means Resolution (without debate).
European Union Documents (Motions) (without debate).
Business of the House (Motion) (no debate after 10.00 p.m.).
Motions to change the membership of committees—Accommodation and Works; Treasury (no debate after 10.00 p.m.).
At the end of the sittingAdjournment Debate: Motorways in the Elmet constituency and upgrading the A1 (Colin Burgon) (until 10.30 p.m. or for half an hour, whichever is later).

Sitting in Westminster Hall
Adjournment Debates:
9.30 a.m.Foundation hospitals (Julia Drown).
11.00 a.m.Regional policy (Adam Price).
12.30 p.m.Cost of the Common Agricultural Policy (Mr Graham Allen).
1.00 p.m.Environmental problems caused by underground storage tanks (Mr Elfyn Llwyd).
1.30 p.m.Health aspects of smokeless tobacco (Paul Flynn) (until 2.00 p.m.).


Cross-cutting Questions in Westminister Hall
Pursuant to Standing Order No. 10(3), the Chairman of Ways and Means has approved the following arrangements for Questions in Westminster Hall on Thursday 23rd January:
  • Questions to ministers will be taken from 2.30 p.m. to 3.30 p.m.
  • Up to twelve questions will be printed for oral answer.
  • Ministers will answer from the following departments: Home Office; Culture, Media and Sport; Education and Skills; and Health on the subject of Youth Policy.
  • It will be for the ministerial team answering questions to decide which minister takes the lead in replying to a particular question and its supplementaries, although another minister may intervene. After an initial answer, the Deputy Speaker will call Members to ask supplementary questions.
  • Questions not reached will be given a written answer.
  Members may table questions for this session in the normal way for oral questions (except that for technical reasons e-tabling will not be available for this session). The shuffle to decide which questions will be printed for this question period will be at 12.30 p.m. on Wednesday 15th January.

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Prepared 7 January 2003