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European Parliament (Representation) Bill


European Parliament (Representation) Bill



Explanatory notes to the Bill, prepared by the Lord Chancellor’s Department, are

published separately as Bill 7–EN.


Yvette Cooper has made the following statement under section 19(1)(a) of the Human

Rights Act 1998:

In my view the provisions of the European Parliament (Representation) Bill are

compatible with the Convention rights.

Bill 753/2


European Parliament (Representation) Bill




Part 1

Changes in total number of United Kingdom MEPs


      1        Electoral regions in the United Kingdom

Electoral Commission recommendations

      2        Recommendations by Electoral Commission relating to changes in number of

United Kingdom MEPs

      3        Section 2: meaning of “elector”

Implementation of changes

      4        Orders implementing changes in the number of United Kingdom MEPs

      5        Section 4: supplementary


      6        Periodic reviews of distribution of MEPs

      7        Consequential amendments

Part 2


New combined electoral region

      8        Combination of Gibraltar with existing electoral region

      9        Electoral Commission recommendation as to the electoral region to be

combined with Gibraltar

      10        Establishment of combined region

      11        Power to make consequential etc provision

      12        Sections 10 and 11: supplementary

Bill 753/2

European Parliament (Representation) Bill



Electoral registration and voting in Gibraltar

      13        The Gibraltar register

      14        Gibraltar franchise for European Parliamentary elections

      15        Entitlement to be registered in Gibraltar

      16        Regulations relating to sections 13 to 15

      17        Section 16: supplementary

Miscellaneous provisions

      18        Extension of 2002 Act to Gibraltar

      19        Returning officers

      20        Disqualification from office of MEP

      21        European Parliamentary election regulations

Part 3


      22        Financial provisions

      23        Functions of Lord Chancellor exercisable concurrently with Secretary of State

      24        Interpretation

      25        Short title, extent and commencement

                  Schedule                                          Schedule 1A to the 2002 Act


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